AOC Gets Roasted in Savage Fashion With Highlight List of Her Bad Takes by NY Bystanders – RedState

AOC Gets Roasted in Savage Fashion With Highlight List of Her Bad Takes by NY Bystanders – RedState

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has a long history of bad takes since she took office. 

She hasn’t gotten any better with the Israel-Hamas war — instead, she’s gotten worse. 

AOC made some pretty awful Christmas remarks on Instagram in which she tried to turn Jesus into a Palestinian, among other bad takes.

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She’s gone over the edge for the anti-Israel crew pushing for a ceasefire and attacking Israel as they defend themselves against the terrorists. 

But she came under fire for it, as well as some of her other bad takes, as she walked down the street in the East Village with her fiancé Riley Roberts. A New Yorker who saw her passing by appeared to let loose with a savage highlight list of AOC’s failures as she walked past — and it was something else. 

Many loved that New Yorkers were putting her on the spot. 

The man hailed her sarcastically as “ABC,” and she responded to that, which was funny. He then asked her if she was going to condemn Hamas. He followed that by asking her if she had learned the three branches of government yet. That’s a reminder of how she infamously didn’t know that very basic fact about the American government in 2018.

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The man continued to chastise her as “the absolute worst” and told her she was a “loser” as she walked by. He called on her to “Condemn the Hamas attacks.” “Go bring some more COVID back from Florida,” he said, chiding her. Like many on the left, AOC had attacked Florida, yet then went there on a visit and then managed to bring back COVID after her visit there. The man then shouted out the branches of government to make sure she knew. 


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Then the man’s buddy shouted after her to “Close the border!” as the first guy compared her to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and called them “two peas in a pod.” I think he finished by saying, “Enjoy your Christmas shopping while we can’t,” but I’m not sure of that last word. But the anti-Israel folks have disrupted Christmas shopping in New York, so that may be what he’s saying. They even threw smoke bombs in Macy’s on New Year’s Eve and chanted support for Yemen after the Houthis attacked U.S. forces.

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It also showed some of the unhappiness with her in New York City. If people are unafraid to let her know what they think of her as she walks down the street, one has to think that there are many more with similar feelings there, perhaps another sign that Democrats are racking up some very bad vibes because of all their radical leftist takes on Israel and Hamas, even in very liberal New York City.

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