Apple’s ‘1984’ Super Bowl Ad Redux – RedState

Apple’s ‘1984’ Super Bowl Ad Redux – RedState

Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad wasn’t intended as an allegory for Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future. It was just an ad to sell Macs. It’s become iconic for its imagery.

In the ad, human drones (some in masks) wearing monochromatic blue and grey march through a narrow bridge to their designated seat. They watch and listen, enraptured, while dear leader’s speech drones on.

A woman wearing white and red is running toward the drone hive. She is being chased by faceless and masked goons. She throws a sledge hammer at the screen, silencing the drone leader.

For me, the imagery evokes a parallel that Steve Jobs never intended, but George Orwell might have foreseen.

Are we in a COVID pandemic, or are we are in a cult pandemic? When Fauci appeared on screens across the country and told us to wear a mask, he knew they had little to no use. There was scant empirical evidence to support wearing paper masks. The masks that politicians decided were acceptable to wear were nothing more than a costume for actors. A fiction to cow the masses.

Fauci later acknowledged that it was theater. Politicians of a certain party convinced their faithful drones that wearing useless masks was their “patriotic duty.” Wearing a mask signaled your elegance.

In a few days, California will lift the mask mandate state-wide, but I see people walking alone in parks wearing masks. They’ve been conditioned by politicians and health officials (without medical degrees) that they must wear a mask or die on a ventilator, gasping for air — or believe that by wearing a mask, they are virtuous.

The vaccinated still got Omicron. The masked, and vaccinated, still got Omicron. Yet politicians demonized anyone without a mask, even the vaccinated and those with natural immunity. Only vaccines and masking will save you. Don’t forget your six feet of distance. That was made-up as well. But the monochromatic drones are still adhering to the dogma.

I can’t think of Apple’s 1984 ad without seeing the parallels. The drones are the mask cultist, and dear leader, this time, is masked as well. Again, an unmasked and unafraid woman dressed in red and white throws a sledge hammer at this nonsense.

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