‘Are You Kidding Me?’ – RedState

‘Are You Kidding Me?’ – RedState

Louisiana State University women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey, whose team is taking part in the NCAA’s 2024 post-season tournament, used part of a March Madness press conference this weekend to tell the hard truth about the legacy media–and the tongue-lashing was glorious to witness.

The Sporting News broke the story by sharing a clip of the beginning of her press event, which it called her “opening statement.” Mulkey used the visibility she has during the high-profile event to decry the “sleazy tactics” she says a Washington Post reporter used while writing an investigative story on her. The upcoming story is a “hacket job” on her, and comes on the heels of the so-called journalist harassing the coach, her fellow NCAA coaches, and players for the past two years. 

Coach just wasn’t having it:

The latest ploy the writer attempted was throwing a slew of questions her way, just days before the LSU Tigers were scheduled to play in the first round of the tourney on Friday. As Mulkey said with exasperation, “Are you kidding me?”

She continued:

It was just an attempt to prevent me from commenting, and an attempt to distract us from this tournament.

It ain’t gonna work, buddy.

Then she explained that this is nothing new, and “part of a pattern that goes back years” for this writer.

I told this reporter two years ago that I didn’t appreciate the hit job he did on [LSU head football coach] Brian Kelly, and that’s why I wasn’t going to do an interview with him.

Here was one of the most dishonest tactics, according to the coach:

Former players have told me that the Washington Post has contacted them, and offered to let them be anonymous in a story if they’ll say negative things about me.

The Washington Post has called former disgruntled players, to get negative quotes to include in their story. They’re ignoring the 40-plus years of positive stories that they have heard from people about me.

That’s when she blasted the legacy media with full force: [emphasis mine]

But you see, reporters who give a megaphone to a one-sided, embellished version of things aren’t trying to tell the truth.

They’re trying to sell newpapers and feed the click machine. This is exactly why people don’t trust journalists and the media anymore. It’s these kinds of sleazy tactics and hatchet jobs that people are just tired of.

I’m fed up!

She closed her comments by vowing to “sue the Washington Post,” if the publication runs the “false story.”

I’ve hired the best defamation law firm in the country, and I will sue the Washington Post, if they publish a false story about me.

So great to see this! It reminded me of when NBA player Jonathan Isaac spoke out against CNN lying about what medication podcaster Joe Rogan was prescribed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Rolling Stone “willfully misrepresent[ed Isaac’s] position on the vaccine or COVID.” The way the legacy media used the regulations spawned by the pandemic as a cudgel for the Left opened a lot of eyes in the sports and entertainment worlds about who they really are. It’s just one of the reasons the media deserves to continue losing jobs and readership year after year.


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