Believing All Conspiracies Are False Is Just As Dangerous As Believing All Conspiracies Are True 

Believing All Conspiracies Are False Is Just As Dangerous As Believing All Conspiracies Are True 

The Left and academia would tell you that it is utterly insane to believe any conspiracy theory whatsoever. However, given the extent that the U.S. government has lied to its citizens, does it not seem more rational to believe that some modern-day conspiracy theories are indeed true?

Of course, one must do their own research to determine the veracity of any kind of claim — whether it be government statements, media reports, or conspiracy theories. But to dismiss something that bucks the narrative as a falsehood outright is dangerous for many reasons.

This means that today, all Americans must not take claims about alleged UFOs at face value. The best course of action is to put on our thinking caps, and do as the conspiracy theorists do: our own research.

In order to come to the proper conclusion and make sound judgments, an individual must look at a topic from all possible sides to discern what is true. That requires using your brain which in turn keeps it sharp for years to come. That is not to say you must accept all conspiracy theories as true, for that would be equally as insane as rejecting them outright.

Yet progressives and our self-proclaimed elite can never admit that debating and investigating eccentric ideas can be beneficial for our self-educating process. Facing the truth that what they have learned in a college textbook may not be true is much too painful for them to accept. 

If a claim has not been peer-reviewed — by their colleagues who hold the exact same worldview — then it must not be true, their argument goes. In effect, they have been taught to receive information from professors, regurgitate it, and go along with the status quo. In other words, such individuals have been brainwashed.

Those who believe that certain accreditations or degrees are what determine the validity of theories are often the ones who allow the government to trample over their freedoms. In American history, one does not have to travel too far to see how that occurs.

Consider the many lies and falsehoods the American people were told in the name of “safety” and “protection” against the COVID virus.

Anybody who dared try to claim that masks won’t work, the collateral effects of lockdowns could be worse than COVID itself, or that the pandemic began out of a Wuhan lab were ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists.”

Why? Well, individuals such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and other authoritative voices had the final say on the “truth” for a vast majority of the population.

That allowed the American people to be misled so that the government could gain power. Now, those “conspiracy theorists” are being proven right more and more every single day.

Even prior to COVID, it was alleged that the U.S. government engaged in other efforts to deceive its own people in order to achieve certain objectives. The end game of those measures always included some form of control.

For example, the Candace Owens podcast has broken down secretive proposed projects such as Operation Northwoods. During the 1960s, the Department of Defense wanted the CIA to carry out false flag attacks against military targets, designed to look as if followers of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro were the terrorists behind such attacks. That would stir up public sentiment and allow for more heavy-handed tactics to be used on Cuba.

The only reason that idea did not come to fruition is that President John F. Kennedy rejected it. Americans also know that for 20 years straight, the U.S. government executed illegal human experimentations via MK-ULTRA for the purpose of researching mind control.

Those programs, and others, were once considered to be total myths. We now know that they really did exist.

In recent weeks, the government has claimed there is a myriad of unidentified flying objects in our nation’s airspace and around the world. The press in turn has repeated their claims verbatim. In recent years, some in government have even led us to believe that aliens exist — even after years of dismissing that as untrue.

Now, senators and former defense officials seem highly interested in declassifying information alleging that Air Force pilots have been seeing UFOs for decades. Legacy Media has taken the bait and pushed the possibility that extraterrestrials are real to the masses.

That raises the question, why do our government and their allies in the press want us focused on UFOs?

Well, looking at past government plots mentioned in the column, the reader can deduce that a likely answer revolves around the government wanting to use the UFO storyline to increase control. 

If U.S. citizens have learned anything from COVID, it is that when people are fearful, they will give up all of their freedoms in the name of safety if the government claims it is necessary. COVID, in many ways, was a test for us all. What it proved was that millions of us were willing to ditch our reasoning and common sense to go along with whatever the authorities told us.

So perhaps these latest reports about UFOs are another test of sorts: Can the government get us to believe that we need their protection from some form of alien race?

This is not to say that’s 100% the answer to what is occurring. The government’s failure to tell the truth about some of the most important issues warrants skepticism of their new claims. We all need to critically think about what we’re being told and explore every single angle of what the media and government tell us.

Even if the idea seems insane at the time — such as a virus coming out of a taxpayer-funded lab in China or LSD-induced field tests run by the CIA — it can only help us to verify what we are being told.

If such an idea is proven false, that does not make somebody an imbecile for scrutinizing and digging for the truth. It is better to use your mind and attempt to see all possibilities without believing that certain possibilities are true.

As Aristotle once said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” 

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