Biden Team’s New Recession Talking Point Gets Blown up by Their Econ Advisor’s Own Words – RedState

Biden Team’s New Recession Talking Point Gets Blown up by Their Econ Advisor’s Own Words – RedState

We’ve seen the Biden team trying to redefine what constitutes a recession because they know that it’s very likely the news will come later this week that there have been two consecutive quarters of negative GDP.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was among the Biden officials trying to push this new mantra, as we reported on Sunday.

Now, on Monday, it’s a full-bore push with NEC Director Brian Deese and Biden economic advisor Jared Bernstein also both pitching in.

Deese claimed that two-quarters of negative growth wasn’t the “technical definition.”

What he said then truly takes the cake — saying that Joe Biden was working on getting people economic “breathing room” and that “working-class people have had trouble affording things for years.” Yes, perhaps never more so than now, under Joe Biden, with the worst inflation in more than 40 years. How dare this guy act like Biden has delivered some kind of success when he’s made it worse for everybody?

But while Deese has to be one of the slimiest spinners on the economy on the Biden team, it was Bernstein whose prior words revealed the lie that they were pushing now.

Here’s what Bernstein said on Monday — embracing that talking point, contending that two negative quarters of GDP qualifying as a recession was “wrong.”

But let’s look at what he said in 2019 when he wasn’t lying on behalf of Joe Biden, that it was “crossing zero.”

Whoops, looks like they just got nailed with Bernstein’s own statement, when he acknowledged reality, back before Joe Biden’s presidency.

So they can try to spin however they want. But the problem for them is that the American people are still going to be feeling the results in their wallets and it doesn’t matter what words the Biden team throws out there, they can’t change that. And when the American people feel it, they’re going to remember that it was the Biden team who has lied right down the line to them, since Biden came in. Lying about inflation being transitory, lying about it being Putin’s Price Hike, and now lying again even about what a recession is. Then they wonder why Biden’s numbers are in the cellar?

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