Biden’s Border Policy Is A Political Ad For President Trump 

Biden’s Border Policy Is A Political Ad For President Trump 

Every day under Joe Biden’s administration is a political ad that’s cut for Donald Trump. The latest example comes courtesy of America’s southern border.

The border is basically wide open. There are no Border Patrol agents where they should be. They’re all too busy processing illegal immigrants and letting them into the country.

On Thursday at the border, there was a major conflagration when in Texas, about 300 illegal immigrants decided to storm one of the sections of the Texas State National Park, where border wire had been put in place. They stormed across the border. Most of them were young males; they started assaulting the Border Patrol.

This was insane. These illegal immigrants pushed their way through the border and then they just started pushing their way past the Border Patrol, and they rushed up to the fence. The fence was still closed, so they rushed past the border wall.

To understand what’s going on the border, you have to understand the people in control of the southern border are the Mexican drug cartels who decide where every single illegal immigrant gets dropped off. This is not like the 1980s when you had illegal immigrants singly or in pairs, or families attempting to cross the desert to get into the United States.

Now there are drug cartels that literally take people on trucks directly to the border and drop them off where they want to be dropped off for a couple of purposes: They understand that if those people arrive at the border and are then processed, they’re going to enter the country. Secondly, if they can force Border Patrol to congregate around places like this, then they are not in the areas where they need to be in order to interdict all of the fentanyl that is crossing the border by literally tens of thousands of pounds and killing 100,000 Americans a year.

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Joe Biden’s policy is to have an open border. He wants the illegal immigrants in the country for one of three reasons.

Number one: Economic, meaning he wants an underclass of people who are not going to be paid the prevailing minimum wage, to make sure that the economy does not collapse on his watch, even as he artificially boosts wages for his union cronies.

Number two: He wants to make sure that a huge number of people cross across America’s southern border and then eventually gain their citizenship, because a lot of these young men who are crossing the border will get married to American citizens and then gain their citizenship that way. And then he hopes that those people will become Democratic voters.

Number three: There’s a huge segment of the Democratic Party that believes that America is bad and should not have borders; that no Westernized country should have borders; that the West, being an exploitative capitalist system, has been terrible to people all over the world and therefore the West owes it to people all over the world to allow entry through its borders.

Joe Biden could make it hard to cross the border today. He dismantled all of the systems that Donald Trump had put in place on America’s southern border. He dismantled Remain in Mexico. He changed the definition of what it meant to apply for asylum. These two changes alone are responsible for 7 to 10 million illegal immigrants entering the country since Joe Biden took office.

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On Thursday, I co-hosted a fundraiser for President Trump. I had a chance to speak with him about the border and about the financial crisis. He is in very, very good spirits about the election, as he should be, given the polling data, and what we talked about at some length was the simple fact that his policies on the border were significantly better than Joe Biden’s.

And President Trump said this is a horrible issue for America and a great issue for Republicans, specifically because Joe Biden has made it such a horrible issue for the United States.

He is absolutely correct. Joe Biden has opened that border absolutely wide. It’s insane. And that’s not going to bear benefits for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

Joe Biden really believes that he has to do this. Joe Biden’s political advisers are complete befuddled morons because they’re selling him a bill of goods. He’s staffed his entire administration with Bernie Sanders acolytes who tell him that his unpopularity is a result of him not moving far enough to the Left, which is idiotic. Why he switched horses in the middle of the stream and moved away from his supposed moderation in 2020 toward the Bernie Sanders Left is absolutely beyond me.

He seems to think that this will be a base election, that he can turn out enough Democratic voters he will win. This will not be a base election. The only true base election of my lifetime was 2012. Barack Obama, being a unique political figure with unique appeal to black Americans, was able to turn out his vote in numbers high enough to win the presidency despite the fact that he had alienated the middle.

Every Democrat since 2012 attempted to emulate the Barack Obama model, and every Democrat since 2012 has failed. The only reason that Joe Biden won in 2020 is because all the voting rules changed because of COVID and because Democratic ballot harvesting meant that literally tens of millions of people who had never voted before voted because people were showing up at their doors three months in advance of the election, picking up their ballot and dropping it off in the nearest mailbox.

That is not going to replicate itself in 2024.

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