Bill Maher Leaves Bernie Sanders Stammering When Quizzed on Far-Left ‘Equity’ Push – RedState

Bill Maher Leaves Bernie Sanders Stammering When Quizzed on Far-Left ‘Equity’ Push – RedState

Bill Maher may be a liberal at heart, but he continues to provide some of the best content when it comes to pushing back against far-left dogma.

In a recent show that included a viral moment between Russell Brand and some MSNBC hack, Bernie Sanders also appeared on the panel. Maher then read a question from the audience that sought the definitional difference between equality and the current Democrat obsession with “equity.”

Sanders was left completely stumped, though he eventually gets to an answer I must give him credit for.

In the video, Mahar reads the question, asking what the difference between equality and equity is. Sanders fumbles over his words for a few seconds before openly proclaiming that “I don’t know what the answer to that is.” He then explains what equality is, and when pressed by Maher on which side he falls on, he says he agrees with equality, not equity, as a goal.

You know what? Even though he was initially confused, I respect his honesty. There’s a reason that Sanders is so well-liked despite his crazy politics, and rest assured, he’d turn the United States into a socialist utopia if he could. Still, he owns what he is. If he doesn’t know something, he’ll just admit he doesn’t know. He doesn’t tow the far-left, woke line on every issue (especially in regard to the racialization of everything), and that’s actually earned him some scorn from social justice circles over the years.

Sanders is a true believer, but he’s not a race hustler looking to win power at any cost but driving division between Americans. That’s actually a bit refreshing to see in a Democrat Party that has otherwise turned every issue into one of supposed systemic bigotry.

As a sharp contrast to Sanders’ honesty, the MSNBC hack chimed in at the end disagreeing with Maher’s definition of equity as being the guarantee of outcome. Why? Because like most Democrats, he feels as if he must toe the line no matter what. Everyone knows the push for equity is utopian nonsense that actually harms more people than it helps. But the MSNBC hack can’t just admit that because equity has become the baseline for everything the Democrat Party does.

Besides, “equity” in policy does mean the guaranteeing of equal outcomes. Otherwise, equality of opportunity would suffice. Democrats don’t just want everyone to be able to go to school and have a chance to get ahead. They want to punish people who get ahead while blaming every instance of someone who doesn’t on systemic injustice. Maher sees through the game, and props to Sanders for being willing to say what he actually believes instead of spouting talking points.

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