Charlamagne tha God Delivers Devastating News for Biden About Who Will Win, How Bad a Candidate Joe Is – RedState

Charlamagne tha God Delivers Devastating News for Biden About Who Will Win, How Bad a Candidate Joe Is – RedState

Charlamagne tha God has been saying a lot this week that has to be devastating for the Biden campaign. 

Let’s start off with the fact that the radio host doesn’t support either Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump. You may recall Joe Biden’s infamous “You ain’t black” comment was to Charlamagne and it seems like he’s been calling him out since then. But now he’s trying to warn the Democrats that Biden is so weak, he’s going to be in big trouble in the election, and he may lose. 


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He pointed out how Team Biden was going about doing the same pandering that they’ve done for years to try to get votes, going to a “black church” and a “soul food spot.” The “same old sh*t,” he said. 

Democrats shouldn’t just be concerned about the Black vote, because when you look at the polls, he’s losing with Black voters, he’s losing with Latinos, he’s losing with independents, he’s losing with the youth vote.

It’s like – damn! Do y’all want to win or not? Because right now they don’t look like a winning ticket. 

When asked why, he gave an honest answer: “Because he sucks as a candidate.”

“Why are we acting like President Biden has ever been like a great presidential candidate?” Charlamagne exclaimed. “I mean, the guy’s ran quite a few times before and, you know, didn’t even get close. Like, if it wasn’t for a series of unfortunate circumstances in 2020, COVID in particular, the murder of George Floyd, like, you know, people being in the streets protesting, rioting. And I think that there probably would have been a different outcome in 2020. So he’s just never been a good candidate, ever, like in the history of life! Just look at the record of the times he ran before. I just don’t think- he’s not a good messenger in any way, shape or form. I just don’t think he inspires people. These candidates have to inspire you.”

He added that you have to be telling people how you’re going to help put more money in their pockets — that he’s inundated by people calling into his show talking about their financial difficulties. 

He pointed out how he’d never seen the working-class folks he knew so upset about the “migrant issue.”

“Like, I honestly have never spoken to as many people who are concerned about the migrant issue as I have, you know, over the past year. And, I mean, I’ve heard everything from, you know, the gang MS13 overrunning neighborhoods,” he continued. “What we saw just happened in New York City, where the migrants- they took 2,000 migrants and put them in the school and made the school stay home- made the students stay home and do school via Zoom.”

“And that was a big issue. Like, I mean, people were calling the radio station- that was just this week, you know, really, really, really complaining about that. So I’ve never seen working-class people who I interact with every day until this past year really, really, really expressed their frustration for the migrants,” he noted.

Charlamagne says it wasn’t until after Republicans like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis began shipping people to sanctuary cities that people changed their tunes, and now voters are going to be looking at that and thinking the Republicans were right. He also said Biden had to take responsibility for the problems. 

Now, that’s something the Democrats should listen to. But they’re not, they don’t want the voters to hear that truth. Instead, they’re attacking Charlamagne for speaking reality. 

Democratic strategist Ameshia Cross bashed him on X, calling him a “threat” to “fact-based news and policy.” 

“His lack of knowledge on policy issues yet amplified voice is a problem. He had been spreading disinformation for [years] unabated. The culture deserves better,” Cross continued.

Translation: he’s not repeating the Democratic narrative. 

But they’re going to flip out all over the place with his latest comment. When he was pressed as to who he thought was going to win, not necessarily who he would vote for, he said Trump.

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