Chicago Blacks Regret Pro-Biden Vote as Migrant Crisis Worsens

Chicago Blacks Regret Pro-Biden Vote as Migrant Crisis Worsens

The hosts of Chicago’s Thinking Outside the Box (TOTB) podcast took their cameras to the South Side of Chicago to speak to the public about pressures facing the black community, but in a particular exchange one of the hosts pointed out that much of the trouble they are facing is because they keep voting for the same Democrats that bring such hardship upon their community.

The hosts of the podcast met to talk about a range of issues confronting the black community, but it was when they got to the questions and answer period with their live audience that sparks began to fly.

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One woman in the audience stepped up to the microphone and began railing about how President Joe Biden and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) were taking resources away from the black community in the Windy City.

“We are a sanctuary city,” the woman from the audience said. “We started being a sanctuary city back in 1980, which of course should have been changed a long time ago.”

“So, they bringing them in, you wonder where the money coming from? They taking it from the COVID fund that was here, that money. You talking about all the pro Housing Programs so when people pay rent, all the rental programs, that money. All the programs that we have in the city of Chicago they are bankrupting us,” she explained.

Migrants line up as they wait for a bus to Chicago to transport them out of Eagle Pass, Texas on September 26, 2023. (ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

“They are taking from all of these programs that we have and they are taking the money and they’re funding the migrants,” she continued. “Our taxpayers, we’ve already paid $32 million out of our taxes to house and take care of the migrants thus far.”

The woman went on to point out that the illegal aliens who have come to Chicago do not even qualify to become citizens.

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“But here we’re going to be taking care of them for 5 to seven years while there’s paperwork floating on people’s desk and why?” she asked. “Send them home, send them back! But Venezuela already said ‘oh we’re not taking them back.’”

At that point, one of the podcast hosts interjected and asked the seminal question, “I got a question for you. Who did you vote for?”

Without a doubt that question flustered the woman, and after the two talked over each other for a few seconds as the crowd laughed out loud, the woman admitted it all.

“I have no problem with saying that I did vote for Biden… I did,” the woman revealed.

The host then got right to the point. “This migrant influx that we dealing with right now, this is your fault,” he said pointing directly to her vote for Joe Biden, the man who created the flood of illegals swamping Chicago.

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The woman went on to try and blame everyone but herself for voting for Joe Biden, the one man who caused this crisis, not to mention voting for Mayor Johnson who is the one who has diverted all the money she was railing about to the migrants.

But the host’s question was on target. This woman and many other black Chicagoans who are upset over the migrant crisis voted for what they’ve gotten.

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