Chinese Future Weapons of War

Chinese Future Weapons of War

As we witness conflict developing all around the world, largely due to perceived American weakness, China and its activities, be they militaristic, economic, or technological, are being carefully watched. They have made no bones about the fact that their ambitions are to eclipse the United States and be the world’s dominant superpower. But new information is emerging about some new technology that China could potentially be interested in. It sounds like something that could only come from the plot of a horrifying science fiction book or movie, but it has the possibility of becoming very real.

Paul Dabbar was the undersecretary of energy for science in the Trump administration. In a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, he claims that in 2017, long before COVID, the energy department’s laboratories began to get concerned about U.S. biosecurity in relation to China. The reason, the Chinese General who was the leader of the National Defense University in Beijing, stated that there may be some interest in China regarding the use of gene sequencing and editing that could be used to develop pathogenic bioweapons that would have the capability to target those of specific ethnic and/or racial groups.

This utterly evil idea is even discussed in a book, also released in 2017 entitled, “New Heights of War.” In it, the now-retired General Zhang Shibo talks about “seven domains of warfare,” and says of the ethnic bioweapons, “Modern biotechnology development is gradually showing strong signs characteristic of an offensive capability,” including the possibility that “specific ethnic genetic attacks” could be employed.

In a hint of just how ruthless the Chinese might be willing to be, General Shibo opines that, while this technology may be on the horizon, currently, there are “political and scientific obstacles at present.” You don’t say?

So how does this “science” work? Someone with a unique gene structure is easier to target, although research says that some of these SBWs (specific bioweapons) with a high level of asymptomatic transmission might be spread through human contact until the person or persons with the right gene sequence comes in contact with it. But wait — being able to incapacitate or kill targeted people or groups could be only part of the function of these weapons. As impossible as it sounds, they may even be able to hone in on certain personality traits, making a target who might be naturally more aggressive less so, turning them more acquiescent, erratic or confused, or even hyper-aggressive.

How are the Chinese developing this kind of sinister technology? We know they are prolific thieves of U.S. intellectual property. Dabbar suggests that China may very well have the capability to hack databases of genealogical websites like “23andme.” Bill Evanina, the former director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, says that even biological information from COVID-19 tests could have the potential to be collected and stored by the Chinese or other bad actors.

Dabbar says that one big problem is that entities like the NIH and the NIAID, are not taking the potential threat of this technology in the hands of the Chinese seriously. He says that they are so “enthralled” by the idea of global-type open science with everyone having the goodwill of the world in mind, that they cannot be trusted with keeping a wary eye on Chinese scientists. The still scarier part, besides being used as a weapon of war, is the potential for using this kind of technology for things in many places, in addition to China for what might be called “population control,” but is really just genocide of one group or other. The Muslim Uighur population in China would be the obvious dry run for the Chinese government.

Another valid question: Could a possible black market for these kinds of weapons emerge? Antisemitism is once again on the rise in Europe. Groups like Romany Gypsies are an often-discriminated group throughout Europe, as are Kurds in the Middle East. Could these weapons get into the wrong hands of someone in the U.S.? And as long as we are talking about bioweapons that would likely be in the form of a virus let’s remember, viruses mutate.

Screenshot of tweet from Dr. Lawrence Sellin – 3-1-23 (Credit: Twitter/Dr. Lawrence Sellin)



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