County Supervisor Zooms Into Meeting, His Cam Catches a Muscular Man in Pint-Size Panties – RedState

County Supervisor Zooms Into Meeting, His Cam Catches a Muscular Man in Pint-Size Panties – RedState

In an era of Zoom, on-camera communication occasionally goes awry. Case in point: a mishap at a recent Arizona supervisory session.

For Tuesday’s Pima County Board of Supervisors assembly, everyone attended in person — except member Matt Heinz, who joined via video.

Mid-meeting inside the administration building, all seemed suitably insipid:

“Okay, moving on. Um, moving on to Item 11 — Unfinished Business, 2022 elections. Supervisor Christy.”

“Chair Bronson, I’d like to request, since staff is here, if they could do a presentation before we start asking questions.” …


“Uh, Chair Bronson, um, I do have a presentation…”

But another presentation stole the show. Into the bland back-and-forth was sprinkled some spice. During the discussion, an extra member appeared: In the background behind at-home Matt, a young man entered the frame. He was sporting a black tank top and matching panties.

The latecomer lifted his tank, presenting his pecs and exhibiting his abs. He then dragged it down and adjusted the band of his bikini bottoms.

Perhaps not completely coincidentally, Matt’s screen suddenly went black. Roughly 20 seconds later, the participant was back, no longer backed by an ace in underwear which most likely lacked much of a back.


The faux pas brings to mind a New Yorker Zoom incident involving CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who famously applauded exhibitionism by giving himself a hand.

Sometimes, such situations are intentional and terroristic. Consider my coverage of an April 2020 Indiana Election Commission Conference:

As committee members, county and state election officials, and members of the media looked on, a stranger overtook the screen.

The invading party was an evident adherent of the age-old edict, “Scratch it where it itches, even if it’s in your britches.”

Maybe he’d had ants in his pants. We’ll never know — he wasn’t wearing any. …

Election Commission Chairman Paul Okeson didn’t appreciate the unanticipated instructional. Once the rude, bare-skinned intruder was ejected, Paul commented on the naked jerk: “That was sufficiently disturbing.”

You’ll find assorted accidental instances across the internet:

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Back to Arizona and itty-bitty underwear, it’s not the first time Democrat Matt — a former Obama administration director — made the news.

Per the Daily Caller:

Heinz, a physician at Tuscon Medical Center, first gained notoriety in 2008 when he was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives, becoming one of the first openly gay member in the state’s legislature.

[He] served in Arizona’s house until 2012 and lost two US House races in 2016 and 2018 before being winning the District 2 Pima County supervisor election in 2020.

In December 2021, Heinz made headlines after advocating for a countywide mask mandate. The county supervisor called for an indoor mask mandate in public and private schools…

Perhaps instead of panties, his pal was modeling a mask.

Either way, thanks to our increasingly impersonal interaction encouraged by two years of COVID-related lockdowns, America can surely look forward to more Zoom-enabled, exposed interlopers.



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