Democrat Hack Jerry Nadler Insults America—Illegal Aliens Are the ‘Lifeblood of This Country’ – RedState

Democrat Hack Jerry Nadler Insults America—Illegal Aliens Are the ‘Lifeblood of This Country’ – RedState

Veteran Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, managed to insult — let me correct that: intentionally insulted — the whole of America during a Thursday hearing as he condemned criticism of the illegal alien invasion of the U.S., AKA: the intentional Biden Border Crisis.

This was even visceral for Nadler, who has infamously made disparaging, broad-based statements about this country for decades. (Emphasis, mine.)

We will hear an argument largely devoid of facts and wrong in the law that immigrants are a drain on public benefits, rather than the lifeblood of this country.

Let’s think that through, shall we? 

Not hardworking Americans who continue to build this country. Not doctors and scientists who continue to improve our quality of life. Not dedicated teachers who actually teach our kids, rather than those who attempt to indoctrinate them with left-wing groupthink. 

Nope. Illegal aliens, who continue to surge across our southern border, exactly as Joe Biden has willingly allowed to happen since day one of his disastrous presidency. 

How does that make you feel? Chances are if you despise Nadler and his latest outrageous declaration, you’re feeling exactly how this elitist fool wants you to feel.

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, called Nadler’s comments “nonsense.”

How can … [the illegal alien share] … one of six of the population represent the lifeblood of the whole country?

It’s not just mathematical nonsense, it’s insulting …It’s a clear indication that they just don’t think Americans are any good, and that we need better people to come from abroad to inhabit our country.

They’re saying that Americans are decadent and aren’t good enough, and someone else needs to come in to either replace them or wake them up. They’re saying Americans need competition because they’ve gotten soft. 

It’s like the big businessman, [or] factory owner who’s against unions because he wants to make sure he can keep his workers on their toes and not demand too much.

It’s simple, Mr. Krikorian. Nadler doesn’t give a damn about facts. No Democrat does when facts counter their various narratives. (See: “Science,” “COVID-19,” “Anthony Fauci.”) Besides, Democrats like Nadler are only concerned with preaching to their low-information, rank-and-files voters. 

Krikorian added: It’s a figure of speech [and] it’s clearly an insulting usage, but they certainly don’t see it in any kind of race sense.” Yup, and Nadler spewed it precisely because it was insulting.

Nadler continued his insults, saying that illegal aliens are needed to pick our vegetables, and then some:

We need immigrants to this country. Forget the fact that our vegetables would rot in the ground if they weren’t being picked by many immigrants, many illegal immigrants.

The fact is that the birth rate in this country is way below replacement level, which means our population is going to start shrinking … This is a problem faced by every major country in the world. 

Few countries, however, have the means to solve this problem through immigration. People want to immigrate to the United States …We are very lucky in that respect, and we should promote it and regulate it properly.

Catch that? 

Nadler broached “replacement,” using it to connect dots that don’t exist. What he didn’t broach — or even hint at — is that legal immigration isn’t under fire across the country: Joe Biden’s intentional border crisis is.

Krikorian caught it, too:

“They’re saying that [a sufficient number of] having babies is a job Americans [won’t] do, so it’s Congress’s responsibility to procure more bodies.”

 It’s the government’s responsibility to see if there are obstacles that [can] be removed so that people can have the number of kids they want, and survey data shows that couples don’t have as many kids as they want.

Wow. I was unaware that it’s the government’s job to ensure that Americans have “enough” kids. This is how out-of-touch leftists like Nadler think. 



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