Dick Morris Slams Democratic ‘Blood Lust’ for ‘Phony Impeachment’

Dick Morris Slams Democratic ‘Blood Lust’ for ‘Phony Impeachment’

Presidential strategist Dick Morris on Sunday slammed Democrats’ “blood lust” for the “phony impeachment” of former President Donald Trump.

Speaking to “The Cats Roundtable” radio show host John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM, Morris said Democrats tried, but failed, to kick Trump “on the way out. And inflict pain and disgrace and shame on him.”

Morris, who was an adviser to former President Bill Clinton, said the main reason Democrats attempted this was “simple blood lust. Simple anger and vengeance and passion. And the other was to make it illegal for him ever to run for office again.”

Morris also critcized President Joe Biden’s new immigration policies, saying the administration is “rekindling the problem solved by his predecessor.”

Morris insisted that “the problem of migration to the U.S. from Mexico was solved by the Mexican government and the U.S. government at Trump’s initiative – to hold [migrants] on [the Mexican] side of the border where they had no constitutional rights… Now, Biden is lifting that, and 20,000 Mexicans are coming in tomorrow.”

He also said Trump deserves thanks for the “guts and such strength” it took to make possible the development of the coronavirus vaccine, saying there was “now way” people could have received the shot “if it were not for Donald Trump.”

Morris explained that “before there was any proof that it was possible to get that shot, [Trump] bought 100 million doses of the nonexistent vaccine from drug companies, and gave cash for that and said, ‘Use this to go develop a vaccine. And when it’s out you owe us 100 million doses.'”

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