Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Has Questions After YouTube Pulls Another RFK Jr. Video – RedState

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Has Questions After YouTube Pulls Another RFK Jr. Video – RedState

In my opinion, the release of the Twitter Files confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt what many long suspected: The federal government has for years now colluded with Big Tech at some of the highest levels to suppress speech, with the targets being anyone critical of Democrats and/or so-called health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the latter of who was the driving force behind many of the draconian COVID guidelines implemented during the Wuhan virus pandemic under both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

And now, as the 2024 presidential campaign season kicks into high gear, tech giants and the Biden administration are once again facing heat over what some have suggested is a continued, coordinated campaign to shut down opponents of Joe Biden, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who in April announced he would be challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination.

For example, just a week ago, YouTube pulled a video of a conversation between Kennedy and psychologist/author Jordan Peterson on the “impact of chemicals in the water on sexual dysphoria,” with a Google spokesperson claiming it violated their guidelines on the posting of vaccine-related content.

And on Tuesday, YouTube pulled yet another video of an interview RFK Jr. did, this time with former New York Post reporter Al Guart. As Kennedy explained on his Twitter page, this, too, smacks of Big Tech interfering in elections for the purpose of influencing an outcome favorable to Joe Biden:

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who the Twitter Files revealed was a target of “black list” censorship by Twitter higher-ups (which he alleges was done in concert with government officials) because he had been a vocal opponent of shutting down schools during the coronavirus outbreak, had some thoughts and an important question in response to RFK Jr.’s news:

Later, in response to a Twitter user who wrote “RFK is not a friend,” the Stanford University Professor further confirmed that he “gets it” by noting that was a good reason to support Kennedy Jr.’s right to free speech:

“I don’t know that’s true. But if he isn’t, that is all the more reason to support his free speech rights!”

If the feds are still in fact conspiring with our tech overlords to protect The Big Guy, and I think it’s a safe bet that they are, what they apparently don’t realize is that in continuing to do so they actually push more people in the direction of the people who they are trying to shut down.

It’s like with the Trump indictments, where the former POTUS’ numbers rose after the announcement from Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg in April and then Biden’s DOJ earlier this month.

Another example is when podcaster Joe Rogan was targeted by the left/media/Big Tech industrial complex over his questioning of the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine. Instead of fading into obscurity, his viewership got bigger and he’s still on the same platform (Spotify) that he was when all of that went down.

Try as they might, the same powerful forces in government, the media, and the tech industry that have converged each election cycle in order to choose our leaders for us are failing in their efforts this time around because more people have become savvy to their backdoor machinations.

As it has often been said before, the people will not be denied, and that is especially true when it comes to speaking out and fighting in the court of public opinion for dissenting voices – ioncluding those we disagree with – to be heard.

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