Dr. Oz to Newsmax: CDC Took School Advice From Unions, Not Doctors

Dr. Oz to Newsmax: CDC Took School Advice From Unions, Not Doctors

The Centers for Disease Control “wasn’t taking advice from doctors” during the pandemic, so it made little sense to take its advice on schools from the teachers’ unions, television’s Dr. Mehmet Oz, a GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, said Thursday on Newsmax.

“We know that schools were kept closed far beyond what made scientific sense, Oz said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “But again, when you mix science with medicine, you know what you get? You get great medicine. You mix science with politics, you get politics. That’s what they got.”

Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky is under fire after reports that teachers’ unions and the CDC coordinated policies to determine school closing requirements, with several Republicans calling for her resignation.

She’s been a target of many Republicans after taking office because of statements she’s made about the COVID virus and the importance of vaccinations after she said in an interview a year ago that people who get shots won’t transmit COVID-19.

“It was wrong and it was predictably going to be wrong,” said the doctor. “It turns out that getting vaccinated does reduce severe disease but it does not appear to reduce the spread (of COVID) that much.”

And when it comes to getting a second booster shot, Oz said it’s up to the individual, but he won’t be getting his second shot.

“It doesn’t make sense for most people,” he said, as they don’t have comorbidities or major risk factors involved.

He also said the pharmaceutical companies are pushing for vaccinations for children under the age of 6 and said that while he doesn’t want to talk parents out of their decision, “my grandchildren are not getting vaccinated.”

Oz also commented on the growing number of major media companies now covering the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and said that he thinks many of them should retract what they said about former President Donald Trump in connection with the matter.

“Twitter and major media outlets literally blocked this Hunter Biden story,” said Oz. “I actually know the shop where that computer was left. It’s stunning to me. It also reflects the left’s desire not to allow other opinions to be played out. I think one of the reasons the White House finally, after three efforts, three different explanations fired me yesterday from the President’s Council of Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition that President Trump had put me on.”

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