Giddy Rich Woman Uses Big Brother Palm-Print to Buy Groceries – RedState

Giddy Rich Woman Uses Big Brother Palm-Print to Buy Groceries – RedState

China already has a social-credit system. Step out of line, and you can’t get on a bus, buy a ticket to a movie or buy bread. China does it using recognition software. Fingerprints for sure, but your face is an identifier for “good” and for “bad.” Step of line, and you get slapped back in place, begging big commie to allow you to make amends.

Please, sir, may I have some more [porridge]?

In Canada, if you had the nerve to object to the authoritarian son of Castro demanding that you take a vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine, social distance at six feet because some high school student thought it would work, and wear a useless mask because Saint Fauci said so, your bank accounts were seized. Your life – ruined.

Please, sir, may I have some more?

In Australia, COVID opened the door for authoritarian nanny state rule. It was, of course, expected in China. Communists are in charge, and if the CCP wants something or desires tight controls, restricted access, or limited cash, it has the power of a communist state to do what it wants. But Australia? The land down under used to be known for a rebel image. Then COVID struck and lingered, and Australia became a lockdown state. Now it’s part of the “New World Order.” Australia exercised authoritarian powers preventing and restricting movement and restricting the use of cash. Why restrict cash? Because cash is fungible. It can be exchanged for goods and then exchanged, again, for something else of value. Australia doesn’t like that. Australia likes electronic markers. Australia wants to know what you are buying, where you are buying, and when. Cash use in Australia has dropped from around 70 percent in 2007 to about 15 percent in 2020.

It will drop further as Australian banks take away the ability of customers to spend their own money. Westpac is now restricting cash withdrawals in a day to about $667 US dollars. Westpac will also restrict how much you can spend of your own money. If you have $100,000 in your bank, you can only spend $5,343 in a day. Next, banks will be asking what you’re spending it on, and you’ll need permission to buy something you want but don’t need. Low ESG score? Sorry, you can’t have your money.

Are we creeping slowly toward a Chinese-like social credit system with the International Monetary Fund’s Kristalina Georgieva telling Americans what they can and cannot buy? What we can and cannot possess? Maybe. The more comfortable we get with electronic identifiers, the closer we step toward banks collaborating with the government or winking at a suggestion to restrict the use of cash or any type of wealth; to set limits on the use of our own money. Perhaps soon, all banks will require customers to use their body parts as identifiers. Chip cards are so last century.

The argument will be: “Look, credit cards can be cloned and hacked, but your eyeballs can’t be cloned, and your fingerprints can’t be duplicated. It’s all for the best. Trust us. We are doing this for you, the customer. We aren’t tracking what you buy; we just want to make life…easy.”

I saw this video this morning, and a chill ran down my back. This rich woman is carrying a $6,000 Chanel bag and shopping at overpriced Whole Foods. She is giddy about paying for her tofu, kale, and gluten-free pasta, using just her palm print.

Nothing creepy about using your body parts to buy food, Chanel. In a few years, Chanel will be giddy again. It might be chemically induced. It might be just her natural personality willing to give up freedom for “convenience,” but at some point, Alexa will dryly announce:

“Hi, Chanel. It’s time to reorder your soma pills. Just put your eyeball up to the scanner, Chanel, and smile, Chanel.”

Chanel might feel rebellious – she might ask Alexa a question.

Chanel: But I don’t want soma, Alexa. Can you order a bottle of red wine instead?”

Alexa: I’m sorry, Chanel, I’m afraid I can’t do that…

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