Glenn Beck Sounds Alarm On New Censorship Effort Targeting ‘New Climate Denial’

Glenn Beck Sounds Alarm On New Censorship Effort Targeting ‘New Climate Denial’

BlazeTV founder Glenn Beck is sounding the alarm on a new push to demonetize and censor even more content concerning climate change, with specific targets including BlazeTV and Daily Wire host and author Jordan Peterson.

A controversial British group called the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which has reportedly already worked with the White House, is pressuring Big Tech companies in the U.S. to target so-called “New Denial” of climate change.

This would include discussing information that challenges the left-wing narrative on the impacts of “global heating,” suggesting that some policies billed as climate solutions “won’t work,” and arguing that “climate science and the climate movement can’t be trusted,” a report from The Independent highlighted.

So-called “old denial,” which is already being censored by Google and YouTube, includes arguments that “global heating” is not currently happening and “burning fossil fuels is not the cause.”

According to the report, CCDH is calling on Big Tech “to update policies to keep up with new forms of climate crisis denial along with removing financial incentives, and reducing its reach and visibility.”

“Now, I’m not sure how questioning the global elites is a form of ‘global hate,’ but apparently now it is,” Beck said in a video released Friday. “Because, that guy at the CCDH [Chief Executive Imran Ahmed], has spoken, and the White House will partner with him.”

“Remember, this is one of the White House’s go-to experts on ‘disinformation,’” Beck emphasized. “It’s a good thing the White House doesn’t have a record of telling social media companies who to censor, right? Oh wait, we just learned in the Twitter Files, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for years.”

The CCDH produced a report on the “disinformation dozen,” which was a list of people who supposedly spread COVID “disinformation.” The group has also claimed credit for getting the controversial Online Safety Act passed in the U.K. 

That “disinformation dozen” list was apparently used by the Biden administration to pressure Big Tech into censorship. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), releasing the Facebook Files, said over the summer that Facebook “changed its policies in direct response to pressure from Biden’s Surgeon General, censoring members of the ‘disinformation dozen.’”


Continuing in his video, Beck said one of the goals of the CCDH is to get YouTube and other platforms to “limit the monetization of any content that goes against the global elites’ narrative. And if I, in general, am against the global elites’ narrative, then you wouldn’t want any of my content monetized.”

The host further explained that by demonetizing narrative-challenging content or figures, you’d be effectively contributing to their censorship, too, since putting up the content costs money.

“A subscription model is the best way to function,” Beck said, but added that it’s “wildly expensive to do what we do” and therefore, advertisers must be taken on, too.

Notably, Google already has a policy to “de-monetize and de-amplify climate misinformation,” YouTube has policies to ban ads on “old forms of climate crisis denial,” and Google said in 2021 “that it would stop monetizing climate crisis denial content,” according to CCDH.

For CCDH, though, these policies do not go far enough, and therefore the expansion of “New Denial” must be included in the censorship efforts.

CCDH’s “study,” used to advance such censorship goals, specifically named Peterson as a promoter of such “new denialism,” citing videos titled “The Great Climate Con” and “Killing the Poor to Save the Planet.”

Beck, too, was named. For evidence that he’s a “denier,” the CCDH highlighted the host saying in one video, “They don’t care about saving the planet, they know climate change is not going to kill millions around the world, this is all about gaining power and control over you … they are using this so-called emergency to justify a reset.”


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