Glenn Jacobs to Newsmax: Not Vindicated by Eased COVID Mandates

Glenn Jacobs to Newsmax: Not Vindicated by Eased COVID Mandates

Knox County, Tenn., Mayor Glenn Jacobs, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame under his pro-wrestling name of Kane, said Saturday on Newsmax that while he may have taken some heat for his reaction during the pandemic, including ending the mask mandates early, he doesn’t really feel a sense of vindication now that such measures have been exposed as being non-effective. 

“I think now that we’ve seen that folks all along were just looking at things through the lens of common sense more than anything else,” Jacobs said on Newsmax’s “America Right Now.”

“We’ve been proven right [but] it’s not just me. It’s so many other people, you know, doctors that had the courage and that took a lot more than what I did.”

However, he added, everyone must remember what happened during the pandemic.

“We had unelected bureaucrats [acting like] elected officials who greatly expanded their power at the expense of our liberties,” Jacobs said.

“At a certain point, we all knew that the measures that they were talking about didn’t work, so it was either to expand their power or because they felt that they had to do something and other politicians felt they had to do something. That’s the worst possible thing that can happen.”

Meanwhile, Knox County, which encompasses Knoxville, is continuing to grow as people flee blue states, and Jacobs said that’s because they want to be “where it’s America,” which is in places like his county. 

“But then you have to look at our General Assembly and you see some elements to the far left that are just causing havoc, and of course, that’s all that the media wants to concentrate upon,” he said. “For me, it’s just to stick in my principles and the proof is in the pudding. Knox County is a great place to live, to work, and raise a family and the reason is because of our conservative principles and because we believe in in low taxes and small government.”

He also decried what he called the “very divisive” campaign President Joe Biden is waging, including advertising that pulls clips from his State of the Union address. 

“That whole speech was really a stump speech and I think that’s a horrible precedent for other elected officials,” said Jacobs. “It’s just It’s the same old stuff, but I think people are tired. We’re the party that believes that all people are created equal … the folks on the left, they believe that everything comes from the government. The problem with that is if your rights come from the government, the government can take them away, too.”


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