Gordon Chang: Biden ‘Not Moving Fast Enough’ on China

Gordon Chang: Biden ‘Not Moving Fast Enough’ on China

As President Joe Biden continues to conduct a China policy review, far east expert Gordon Chang laments the slow pace of dealing with Chinese aggressions and motives.

“We’re moving in the right direction, but we’re not moving fast enough, so that’s a danger,” Chang told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.”

“What China is doing can bring down our system, because we’re not adopting the right posture with the right tools fast enough.”

Chang added, “China would take over the world, except they’re too aggressive.”

Chang was most bullish about undermining Chinese attempts to infiltrate and influence American society.

“China has overwhelmed our society: They’ve overwhelmed the FBI, they’ve overwhelmed local law enforcement, they’ve overwhelmed local governments,” Chang said. “We’ve got to figure out how to deal with this.”

For instance, Chang noted, the honey pot espionage operation by FBI-designated spy Christine Fang that targeted Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., began in small government on the off chance he would ultimately have sway in U.S. government.

“This suggests there’s more than one Eric Swalwell,” Chang said. “There could be dozens. There could be probably hundreds of Swalwells, which means there are dozens and hundreds of Christine Fangs.

“We have got to start removing China’s influence in our society.”

Chang says if it is an American institution, “China has tried to penetrate it.”

“We’ve got a problem in our country talking about China in realistic terms, because we’ve got a president who says, ‘well, China’s a competitor,'” Chang continue. “Well, yes, I suppose in a sense they’re a competitor but really a better term would be adversary and a better term than that would be enemy.,

Chang noted Chinese media has “talked about the U.S. in militant tones,” starting in 2019 before the global coronavirus pandemic, when President Xi Jinping knowingly closed down his own country but permitted Chinese to fly around the world at the outset of COVID-19’s spread from Wuhan.

“XI Jinping took steps that he knew, or had to know, would spread this pathogen behind China’s border, and that means these Americans have been killed,” Chang said. “This is murder. This is mass murder. What does it take to get us to start to defend ourselves?

“We know this is the first time in history that one nation has attacked all the others,” Chang added.

“We in democracies, we have a hard time dealing with the concept of evil and we can’t actually say this and I think we have to start to think about really the consequences of what China did.

“I believe this was a crime against humanity, against all of humanity.”

Even if China will not permit anyone to prove COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chang said Xi’s actions are provably maleficent, saying “we can prove the other stuff, and that’s all we need to prove.”

“This is unrestricted warfare,” Chang said, pointing the shut down of the China consulate in Houston, Texas, being because of its involvement in spreading information via TikTok to stir uprisings in the U.S. through Black Lives Matter and antifa protests in 2020.

“That is more than just subversion, that is an act of war,” Chang said, noting China Daily’s European bureau chief tweeted in October that Americans should throw bombs in the streets – without being deplatformed.

“They’re trying to overthrow the U.S. government and we don’t seem to be doing anything about it,” Chang lamented.

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