High Point Poll: Biden Approval Just 38 Percent in North Carolina

High Point Poll: Biden Approval Just 38 Percent in North Carolina

President Joe Biden is getting low approval ratings in the state of North Carolina, as 60% of residents say the country is on the wrong track under the Biden administration.

Just 38% of North Carolina adults approve of the job Biden has done to date, and nearly half of the state’s residents disapprove of the president, according to the latest results from a poll conducted by High Point University.

“The most recent HPU Poll asked North Carolinians to rate President Biden on his handling of several issues,” Brian McDonald, associate director of the HPU Poll and adjunct graduate school instructor, wrote in his analysis of the results Tuesday.

“Respondents to our survey are more or less split on Biden’s handling of COVID-19 and healthcare, while a majority disapprove of his handling of the economy, duties as commander in chief, and Afghanistan.”

North Carolina adults are also short on optimism about the direction the country is headed — just 28% see the U.S. as heading in the right direction.

Despite being a state that had sent its 15 Electoral College votes to former President Donald Trump in the past election, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is a Democrat. Cooper has a positive approval rating (45% approval, 32% disapproval), but nearly one-quarter of adults (23%) held no opinion of their governor’s leadership.

Trump’s North Carolina victory was just 1.35% of the 2020 presidential vote, his narrowest victory of all states that he won in last November.

Among the issues polled, Biden’s approval ratings in the poll were:

  • COVID-19: 42.2%..
  • Healthcare: 38%.
  • Commander in chief of the military: 33%.
  • Afghanistan withdrawal: 25%.

High Point University polled 876 North Carolina adult residents in telephone and online interviews between Sept. 10-24. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

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