If We Have a Two-Tiered Justice System Then We Have No Justice System – RedState

If We Have a Two-Tiered Justice System Then We Have No Justice System – RedState

If a video suddenly hit the internet that featured Nancy Pelosi stabbing an innocent person with a kitchen knife, do you think she’d see jail time?

You’d have all the proof in the world that she’s assaulting someone with a deadly weapon, but would she find herself sent to prison for years like any of us would?

Before I started this article I decided to conduct a quick poll and, by and large, hardly anyone believes Democrats would see the inside of a cell over something so laughable as a felony.

Many of you would probably answer “no” to that question. Pelosi has actually been caught on camera defying Covid laws before and her reaction to it was to simply blame the establishment that caught her, calling it a setup. She would suffer nothing for it except a few angry headlines from outlets like RedState and tweets from conservatives calling out her hypocrisy.

You don’t even have to be the Democrat elite to escape punishment for breaking the law.

As Bonchie recently covered, new developments in the Colbert Capitol Riot show that the DOJ has no interest in prosecuting Stephen Cobert’s crew who, according to police, infiltrated the Capitol twice after being warned against it by law enforcement. Moreover, they did so in order to harass GOP lawmakers directly. Despite there being an entire police report about the incident, there will be no case against them.

Odd, seeing as how there’s currently an entire dog and pony show happening around the January 6 riot which consisted of much of the same thing.

I don’t think I really need to bring up the entirety of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which has so much red meat in it that if it were a Republican’s kids (i.e. the Trump children) then you can bet your bottom dollar they’d have investigators crawling into every dark corner of the Earth to find whatever they could to send them away with for good.

The truth is, if you belong to the Democrat elite in any way, then your crimes aren’t really crimes, they’re inconveniences. Inconveniences that can be dealt with little more than a few phone calls and maybe a couple of promised favors.

You, however, would never get such treatment. If you were in the Capitol when you weren’t supposed to be, they’d lock you up and throw away the key. You will not have Triumph the Insult Comic Dog as your cellmate. He’s a part of CBS now and you don’t touch CBS.

What’s sad is that kind of two-tiered justice system is not what America was supposed to be about. While it is a place where a man who lived in the gutter in one country could have his own highrise here in the states, everyone was to be equal under the law. There was never supposed to be any special rules for a few because there was never supposed to be a ruling class.

It was, in reality, a bit of a far-fetched idea. Powerful people will always have more pull than others, but the blatant disregard of the law while others are being punished for the exact same thing, and quite unfairly, indicates that our nation has no real justice system.

What we call a “justice system” is just another political tool to punish our enemies and make statements with. To be sure, the fact that they sent the DOJ after angry parents who showed up to protest the activities of local school boards is more than enough proof of this.

At some point, we’re going to need to reset the country. New DOJ, new FBI, new congress, new president, new everything. We’re going to have to institute some sort of term limit for everyone at every level of government. We’re going to have to revamp the way our system works, because if there is no real legal system then what’s the point of obeying laws?

Once a good portion of society figures out that they can get away with doing things others cannot, society will devolve.

Perhaps, it’s already starting to happen.


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