‘It’s Ridiculous’: NY Mets Pitcher Slams COVID Testing, Says ‘Stop Testing,’ ‘Stop Acting Like COVID Is Far Worse’ Than Other Things

‘It’s Ridiculous’: NY Mets Pitcher Slams COVID Testing, Says ‘Stop Testing,’ ‘Stop Acting Like COVID Is Far Worse’ Than Other Things

New York Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt said “it’s ridiculous” that “we’re still doing” COVID testing, and said we need to “stop acting like COVID” is worse than other things out there.

The MLB pitcher spoke with the press Thursday after he had to miss playing with his team the last week because he was out on the COVID protocol list. It came after he said he took the test and then let his team know that he had tested positive for COVID. The two-minute long clip was shared on Twitter from the New York Post and can be seen here.

“It’s ridiculous we’re still doing it,” Bassitt told reporters, as he noted he kept his workout routine and didn’t feel he was “worn down.” He also said he “felt normal” and ready to play the game.

When pressed by one reporter regarding what he felt the solution was, he replied, “stop testing.”

“Stop acting like COVID is far worse than a lot of other things,” the Mets star shared. “I mean, not trying to get too much into it, but I was never sick. Never had a symptom. So, sitting out for two weeks or possibly a week for zero symptoms. I don’t know.”

“And now they’re coming out and saying we possibly could get tested, I mean we could possibly come up positive multiple times in, like, say a month,” he added. “So, we gotta miss multiple times. … I guess the answer is I should never have said anything.”


“I should never have said I tested positive,” Bassitt continued. “And I probably won’t the rest of my career. There’s no way. There’s no reason.”

The MLB player said he had tested himself at home because he has a “little girl” and he wanted to be safe after feeling sluggish following one of the games in Houston. So once he tested positive, he felt it was the right thing to do to notify his team. But the pitcher reiterated, “I never had a symptom.”

“I don’t know if I made the right decision of saying something or not,” Bassitt concluded.

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