Jillian Michaels Delivers Some Reality to Bill Maher About Bidenflation—’Go Buy Some F***ing Eggs!’ – RedState

Jillian Michaels Delivers Some Reality to Bill Maher About Bidenflation—’Go Buy Some F***ing Eggs!’ – RedState

Comedian/commentator Bill Maher is one of those confounding liberals who seems to “get it” – but then will suddenly turn around and pimp the most ludicrous, progressive policies and politicians out there. For years, he was mostly dead wrong in his assessments, but in recent times, as the Left has grown increasingly insane, he’s often been a rare source of reason in DemWorld:

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But just when you think it’s safe to watch a talk show with a liberal host again, Maher comes out and sings the praises of… California Governor Gavin Newsom, the man who has arguably done the most to destroy the Golden State as he attempts to turn it into a socialist Utopia.

But even The Atlantic writer and a self-professed liberal Caitlin Flanagan told Maher, “I know you like him but I can’t imagine him having the gall to run to lead the country when he’s led this state into the ground.”

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Next up, fitness guru Jillian Michael, who delivered a wake-up call to Maher on his podcast Sunday when she told him to “buy some f***ing eggs” after he claimed Bidenflation wasn’t insane.

Here’s the exchange:

MAHER: But isn’t it amazing to you, like it was in the paper today about this country, came out of the pandemic way better — that we just ****, we won the pandemic economically. I mean America — 

MICHAELS: God, I don’t feel that way — explain it to me. I feel like inflation is insane.

MAHER: Inflation is not insane. 

MICHAELS: Bill. [Crosstalk.] Go buy a car. A house. [Prices have] tripled here.

MAHER: Look, I get that people — 

MICHAELS: Buy some ******* eggs!

Discussion officially over—TKO Jillian Michaels. Watch:

As much as I love seeing a former self-described leftie like Michaels wake up and smell the coffee, one can only wonder why so many have willfully pulled the wool over their own eyes for so long.

Maher, meanwhile, has done quite well for himself, so maybe rampant inflation is not such a big deal for him. But for the rest of us, it’s a huge issue and has significantly altered our lives, our purchasing power, and our standard of living—and not for the better. Since Maher seems in recent times to be aware of so much of the BS of the progressives, it’s surprising that in this case he completely overlooks the experiences of the average American.

Good for Michaels for setting him straight.

The two also had a funny discussion about the origins of the COVID virus and how our government tried to gaslight us into believing that a bug that came out of Wuhan, China, couldn’t possibly be related to the Institute of Virology in that same city. Ever heard of Occam’s Razor, Dr. Fauci? This segment would be hysterical except that it reminds us just how untrustworthy the powers that be were for over two years (and many would say still are). 

Take a look: 

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