Lara Trump to Newsmax TV: ‘No Low Too Low for Folks on the Left’

Lara Trump to Newsmax TV: ‘No Low Too Low for Folks on the Left’

President Joe Biden tried in insult conservatives by calling them “Neanderthals” on rolling back COVID-19 lockdown measures, but Trump campaign senior adviser Lara Trump on Newsmax TV called that another fail.

“We’re not all soft snowflakes, so they probably won’t be” offended, Trump told Saturday’s “The Count” host Benny Johnson. “We wear that, quite frankly, Benny, as a badge of honor to be called anything these days by anyone on the left.”

Conservatives are accustomed to insults from the intolerant, spiteful left, she added.

“This is what they do,” she said. “They call us names, try and demean us – Wal-Mart people, whatever they want to call us – and they used a whole group of names against Trump supporters and Republicans at this point.

“But I think it says more about them than us. It shows there’s no low too low for folks on the left.”

Trump added Democrats resort to insults and name calling because they lack a true winning agenda.

“Whenever you don’t have things going your way and you don’t have any really great police achievements or anything to tout, you just call us names,” she concluded. “So, I think we’re kind of used to it, sadly, as Trump supporters and again as Republicans, but it shouldn’t surprise anybody to hear this from folks on the left.”

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