Mark Morgan to Newsmax TV: Biden Administration Misleading Americans on Immigration Crisis

Mark Morgan to Newsmax TV: Biden Administration Misleading Americans on Immigration Crisis

The Biden administration is misleading Americans on the border crisis and not testing every illegal immigrant for COVID-19 before border patrol releases them into U.S. cities, says former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan.

“DHS, like border patrol, prior to them releasing the migrants that have crossed illegally into the local community, they – border patrol and DHS – are not testing them,” Morgan said Saturday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “The Count.”

“They rely on local authorities and municipalities to do the testing of which they are not testing everybody the border patrol releases. That’s a fact and they’re misleading the American people about that.”

The acting head of the Federal Emergency Agency earlier this week told lawmakers that less than 6% of COVID-19 tests for migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border have come back positive.

“There’s testing happening,” Acting Administrator Robert Fenton told lawmakers Tuesday at a hearing before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security. “What we’re seeing is less than 6% positive right now, coming across the border.”

But Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted Wednesday that there have been “instances” where the federal government released migrants at the border into the country without first testing them for the coronavirus.

“There appears to be a more lenient standard for foreign national crossing our border illegally than for American citizens,” Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde charged.

“Can you assure the American people that no one who has been apprehended is released into our communities with the — that still test positive for COVID-19?”

Mayorkas responded: “There were times earlier when individuals were apprehended and we sought to expel them, and we were unable to expel them, and we were compelled to release them, and we did not have the opportunity to address them,” he said during a hearing with the House Homeland Security Committee.

He added: “We have addressed that situation.”

The surge in illegal immigrants crossing the border has led to overcrowding at CBP facilities more than 396,000 migrants have crossed during the current fiscal year, which started Oct. 1, compared with 201,600 during the same period last year.

Mayorkas warned on Tuesday that the U.S. expected to make more apprehensions along the border this year than at any time in the past two decades.

Morgan said that the Biden administrations has dismantled every effective tool, policy and authority to manage the crisis.

“They’ve really signaled to the cartels and the migrants themselves that the borders are open,” he said.

“We’re seeing unprecedented numbers – last week we saw, we believe a number that exceeded 6,000 in a single day. So it’s absolutely a crisis in southwest border.”

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