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Perhaps nothing has highlighted the hypocritical impulses of public officials more than the COVID pandemic. I’ve lost count of the number of instances where political leaders advocated a certain set of rules under the guise of keeping people “safe,” only to flout those same rules themselves. Whether it was for hair styling or sporting events or fine dining, we were inundated with examples of the “Rules for thee, not for me” mentality.

We’re witnessing that same mentality from Democrats in the House now that Republicans are in charge of it. While it was perfectly fine for Nancy Pelosi to kick Republican members off of committees when she held the Speaker’s gavel, Kevin McCarthy’s vow to bar Adam “I-wouldn’t-know-the-truth-if-it-slapped-me-upside-the-head” Schiff and Eric “Chinese Spy? What Chinese Spy?” Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee is apparently an unacceptable destruction of norms, to hear the Dems tell it.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has reappointed Schiff and Swalwell to the committee and issued a sternly-worded letter to McCarthy invoking the “serious and sober mission” of the committee as justification for defying the removal of the serial liar/leaker and Fang Fang’s honey-trapped fool from it.

But these are the Dems’ rules we’re playing by now. And the Rules for We say the Speaker can – and should – follow through on his vow.*


*Note: As we reported, Kevin McCarthy did, in fact, follow through on his vow and in rather spectacular fashion after the below commentary was recorded.

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, January 25th. Audio included below.


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