New York Will Continue to Make Two-Year-Olds Wear Masks – RedState

New York Will Continue to Make Two-Year-Olds Wear Masks – RedState

On Friday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams made a major announcement: Children ages two to four will continue to be forcibly masked in daycares and preschools.

As previously covered by RedState Senior Editor Brandon Morse, on March 19th, more than 100 parents showed up to City Hall Park demanding the Big Apple “unmask [their] children.”

At the time, protestor and mother of three Daniela Jampel waxed scientific:

“[The mandate] is not following the science. This is making a mockery of the science. This is playing us for fools.”

“New York state recognizes the science,” she pointed out. “Everywhere else in New York state — 10 miles away in Nassau County, 10 miles away in Westchester County — toddlers are allowed to take off their masks along with their older brothers and sisters.”

Evidently, Mayor Eric isn’t interested in being like the cool counties.

Hence, his intention to take toddlers and muzzle their mouths and noses.

That doing, however, was momentarily impeded: A Staten Island judge issued an injunction that struck down his mandate the same day.

But on the other side of a Friday appeal, an appellate judge ruled with the city.

On Twitter, Eric heralded “children’s health”:

Every decision we make is with our children’s health and safety in mind. Children between two and four should continue to wear their masks…come Monday.”


Over the past couple years, health, safety, and science have been touted seemingly without end.

Not nearly so constant: Instances in which government has called to such and then provided any actual evidence supporting restrictive measures.

“Science” seems to have become government’s safe word — if an institution utters it, you have to stop probing.

But before a vaccine was ever made available, the CDC reported age-specific coronavirus infection fatality ratios:

  • 0-19 years: 0.00003

  • 20-49 years: 0.0002
  • 50-69 years: 0.005
  • 70+ years: 0.054

Even so, New York City insists upon masking tiny tots.

In a statement on the 22nd, Eric said what Eric has always said:

“I have always said that the science will guide us out of the pandemic, and because we have followed the data, we are winning the fight against COVID-19. New York City is currently in a low-risk environment.”

CBS News sums up our current confusion:

People [are] wandering around Columbus Circle masked and unmasked, but wearing a face covering will be required for the city’s youngest children come Monday.

The outlet did indicate Eric’s edict “comes after the city’s Department of Health said Friday the seven-day positivity rate was up 2.67 percent, up from 2.26 percent the week prior.”

Call it a surge?

Via social media, Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan explained, “That’s why we’re going to wait a little while longer before making masks optional for children under five.”

Moreover, as Eric noted Friday, preschoolers aren’t old enough to get vaccinated.

As for children’s risk, consider a study from January of last year:

And in September, Newsweek ran the headline “Unvaccinated Children Less Likely to Die of COVID Than Vaccinated Adults, Data Suggests.”

Hopefully, New York will get its scientific self straight.

It’s clearly trying:



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