Newt Gingrich: HR 1 Should Be ‘Professional Politicians Corrupt Election Act’

Newt Gingrich: HR 1 Should Be ‘Professional Politicians Corrupt Election Act’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Friday slammed the House’s sweeping elections reform measure, the “For the People Act,” saying it should be named the “Professional Politicians Corrupt Election Act” because of its potential to revist illegal election actions of years past. 

“It’s an effort to create an environment, really, based on the history of Tammany Hall in New York, (the) Philadelphia machine, Chicago, what the California Democrats have evolved,” Gingrich told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “With this bill, on every front, they have managed a position that the American people oppose, and I think it is madness what they’re doing.”

He added that Democrats are “setting themselves up” for a disastrous election such as was seen in 1994, when Republicans picked up 54 seats, and in 2010 when the party gained 63 seats. 

“They’re trotting all of their marginal members out and getting them to vote for things that they will not be able to defend,” Gingrich said. “Who wants to have the government paying for politicians? This bill does. Who wants to have 16-year-olds voting? This bill does. You go right down the list.”

The bill, he added, is a “deliberate effort to flood the system,” but he thinks it will be stopped in the Senate. 

Gingrich also commented on the news that China’s announcement that it has over 6% economic growth, declaring that the ongoing school closures in the United States over COVID will make it “impossible for us to compete with China” moving forward. 

“The No. 1 ally of the Chinese Communist Party in the United States is the teachers union,” Gingrich said. “The damage we are doing to a generation of children because of the teacher unions’ terrible attitude and terrible work rules is, in fact, potentially going to make it impossible for us to compete with China.”

The communist nation, he added, is working hard and is disciplined. 

“We are totally mired down in a political disaster,” he said. “We have public schools in which not a single student, not one, has passed any kind of exam. We now have the kids not even going to the schools, and we think we’re going to compete with China?”

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