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Have you ever empathized with a nursing home’s geriatric gentlemen? Did you dream of serving them something uplifting? Do you venerate veterans?

At the Taoyuan Veterans Home (TVH) recently, staff concocted quite the morale-booster. Over the past couple years, American nursing homes have cracked down on physical closeness in an effort to flatten the curve. But the center for retired Taiwanese Army personnel managed a cracking down concurrent with an intimacy up-surge. And the curve was certainly not flat.

In order to perk things up, administrators hired a stripper. And according to a viral video, the mission was most definitely accomplished.

From the New York Post:

[TVH] paid the adult entertainer for a steamy show to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. …

The kinky clip shows the stripper clad in lacy lingerie, giving one elderly man a lap dance and thrusting her breasts into his face. …

Nursing home residents clapped along enthusiastically, seeming to relish the raunchy show.

“Seemed,” indeed.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is “an important holiday in Chinese culture, whereby people gather to celebrate the rice and wheat harvests of the season.” Call ’em Cajun — at TVH, clearly, they prefer dirty rice.

But the creole spice sparked criticism:

[T]he senior care facility was hit with backlash and subsequently released a statement saying: “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offense that was caused.”

A spokesman for the home deemed the young dancer’s erotic respect for her elders “too enthusiastic and fiery.” Enthusiasm was doubtlessly on display; one wheelchair-bound participant appeared to be more of a Navy man — he had all hands on deck. I’ve linked to a censored version of the video, but a more explicit one is easily discoverable via YouTube.

The story brings to mind my article from May of 2020:

Sorry for the cliche, but this story is about a really, really hot nurse.

A medical worker on the front lines of our war against COVID-19 recently realized her required ultra-protective all-vinyl gown was just too unbearably unbreathable.

Therefore, to fight off fever, she lessened her layers.

In an effort to stay cooler while she tended to patients — in the all-male coronavirus wing of her Russian hospital — the (23-year-old) compassionate caregiver decided to show up for shift work in only a bra and panties under her see-through pandemic poncho.

A photo found its way to the web.

Here’s a shock: Across the entire all-male ward, there were zero patient complaints…

Read more about that hubba-hubba hubbub here and here.

Speaking of COVID, the pandemic was named as a reason for TVH’s stripping extravaganza. Morose men, it might be said, are like broken toilets — they may just need a little jiggle.

Even so, lacy lewdness wasn’t the only thing on offer:

[The spokesman] said there was also a more sedate game of bingo and some karaoke in an adjoining nursing hall.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Mooncake Festival, which some might claim makes the exposed performer’s appearance even more appropriate.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays in Asian culture. In China, the celebration is marked by reunions, thanksgiving for harvests, and prayers for good fortune.

Surely some prayers regarding good fortune were answered.



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