Purported Leftist ‘Thought Leader’ Confirms Some of Our Worst Fears About Democrats – RedState

Purported Leftist ‘Thought Leader’ Confirms Some of Our Worst Fears About Democrats – RedState

Though we understandably focus a lot on the big-name movers and shakers in the Democrat party for obvious reasons, those working behind the scenes deserve equal scrutiny as well because oftentimes the pressure they put on Democrats at all levels of government is the primary driving force behind the policy decisions those elected officials and candidates for public office take.

Democrat Nina Turner is a twice-failed candidate for Congress and a former Ohio state congresswoman who in 2020 was the national co-chair of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential campaign. Three years earlier, she headed up the pro-Sanders “Our Revolution” organization, the goals of which were/are virtually a mirror image of Sanders’ radical agenda especially as it relates to so-called “income inequality” and “forgiving” student loan debt.

And now, as rumors continue to swirl about whether President Biden will run again, and just a few months after a campaign advisor for Sanders admitted privately that Sanders was mulling another possible run in the event Biden bowed out, Turner is using her Twitter account to repeatedly bang the drum about student loan forgiveness.

But in the process, she’s confirming some of the worst fears people have about Democrats, especially those on the far left end of the spectrum, as both she and Sanders clearly are.

Take, for instance, the tweet below, where she laughably claims “student debt cancelation [sic] isn’t paid for by the taxpayers”:

Er, um – I guess Turner, who is also a history professor at a local community college in Ohio, missed it when her middle and senior high school teachers taught their students about how the government gets its funding?

Though that was a pretty mindblowing statement by Turner, it might have been eclipsed by one she posted a few days earlier in which she let the cat out of the bag on Democrat thinking when it comes to personal responsibility:

In my opinion, this is saying the quiet part out loud about how the modern Democrat party thinks and operates. Though this type of thinking on their part goes back decades, “Squad” types like Sanders, Reps. AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush have turned it into an obscene art form and rallying cry for the masses, many of who have been misled to believe nothing is their fault and that they shouldn’t have to pay back their debts like everyone else does.

Many problems we face in our country today both from a financial, economic, and social standpoint undeniably come as a direct result of this warped mindset.

Middle-grounders on the left who understand how government works, how things get paid for, and who actually believe in personal responsibility are few and far in between now, replaced by Sanders acolytes and wacked wokesters like Turner who have no compunction whatsoever about turning this country into a socialist hellhole as long as they can fly first class on an Emirates A380 on the way to lecturing others in Davos about climate change, their buddies can obtain “get out of debt free” cards while middle-class taxpayers foot the bill, and violent “misunderstood” felons are let loose out on the street to hurt people again and again.

Turner, Sanders and their ilk (like Sen. Elizabeth Warren) don’t deserve to even be considered for a government job, much less actually become elected to one. But though Turner has twice been rejected, Sanders still holds a powerful place in the U.S. Senate and may have higher aspirations than that if recent reports are accurate.

This is why we shouldn’t be so dismissive when self-proclaimed “thought leaders” on the left like Turner get on their soapboxes and start spouting dangerous nonsense. Because what we might think would be laughed off in elite Democrat party circles could one day translate into very real policy positions taken by candidates for the highest office in the land, because this is who they are.

Don’t ignore them. Argue against them passionately until no self-respecting person takes them seriously anymore.

Or as Barney Fife would say, “nip it in the bud” – before that type of thinking gets out of control.

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