Rep. Beth Van Duyne to Newsmax: US Response to China’s Threats ‘Very Weak’

Rep. Beth Van Duyne to Newsmax: US Response to China’s Threats ‘Very Weak’

The United States’ response to a suspected Chinese spy balloon flying across the United States, followed this week by an unidentified craft being shot down over North America, show the threat posed to the United States, Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, told Newsmax on Saturday.

“The U. S response has been very weak, as has the response over the last two years from the Biden administration,” Van Duyne told “Saturday Report,” adding President Joe Biden gave the issue “all of 70 seconds” in his State of the Union address. 

“We have to face now a considerable amount of provocation and aggression from China that we simply don’t see this administration addressing,” Van Duyne said.

Instead, Biden used his address this past week to attack Republicans while taking credit for an economy that is floundering, she said. 

“He’s not talking about inflation,” Van Duyne said. “He’s not talking about protecting the country.”

Instead, Biden is “fearmongering” as part of his campaign, while the House has agreed, through bipartisan legislation, that there is a need to counter China. 

House Republicans, though, will address the threat from China while the administration continues to “push the Green New Deal program that basically makes us more reliant on China,” she continued.

“China is now all across the globe entering into trade agreements with other countries and we are sitting on our hands,” she said, noting the new Congress has started a China oversight committee. “This administration is not taking the threat seriously. I think what you’re going to see coming out of this committee is that they’re going to be focused on it. They’re gonna be looking at ways in which to prevent things like the COVID-19 creation and get down to the bottom of that.”

Van Duyne also Saturday commented on the search of former Vice President Mike Pence’s house, where an additional classified document was found, and said it must be determined how the document had been classified and by whom.

“Is it because we’ve got a DOJ that has been weaponized, or is it legitimate questions right now?” she said. “I don’t know the answers to that. We will get to the bottom of it.”


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