Rep. Guy Reschenthaler to Newsmax: Charge Dr. Antony Fauci for Lying to Congress

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler to Newsmax: Charge Dr. Antony Fauci for Lying to Congress

Dr. Anthony Fauci should face charges of lying to Congress for testifying that money from the National Institutes of Health was not used to fund gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., insisted Thursday on Newsmax.

“There are two reasons why Fauci should be prosecuted, or at least charges should be brought against him for lying to Congress,” Reschenthaler told “John Bachman Now.” “Fauci has repeatedly lied on this issue. He was obviously lying to Sen. [Rand] Paul and [he] gave him the opportunity to correct the record. He didn’t. He’s been that blatant.”

Fauci has also lied to the American people, even if that was not under oath, Reschenthaler told host John Bachman.

“He’s been misleading the public, which has led to a lot of mistrust of the science, a lot of confusion with the strategy going forward, and it’s very clear that we cannot believe Dr. Fauci.”

His comments came after documents obtained this week by The Intercept showed two previously unpublished grant proposals were funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Fauci heads.

“If there are no repercussions for people committing perjury before Congress, then we, in essence, have very little ability to conduct oversight because anybody that comes before a House panel or Senate panel will have no disincentive to lie before Congress,” Reschenthaler said. “Members of Congress will not be able to determine if the person testifying is having candor with the committee that’s asking the questions. We should prosecute Dr. Fauci and bring charges against him, and make sure that those that would commit perjury are chilled from doing so from [his] example.”

Reschenthaler also commented about the expected announcement coming from President Joe Biden on the administration’s plans concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, including a mandate that all federal employees be vaccinated.

“It is heavy-handed,” the lawmaker said. “You know the best thing that the president can do to quell fears about the vaccine is give credit where credit is due. And what do I mean by that? He could stand on that stage and thank President [Donald] Trump and the Trump administration for Operation Warp Speed.

“If he did that, this would no longer become a partisan political issue. But there have been so many political games that are coming from this, if you add politics to science, you get science every time. We don’t need political science. We need actual science.

“Biden and the liberals in the administration continue to politicize this issue, which is again leading to fear and unrest.”

Reschenthaler also commented on the ongoing situation with Afghanistan, accusing Biden of being “focused on the optics” of being out of the country before Sept. 11.

“Mark my words, when the Republicans retake the House, and we have Chairman Jamie Comer on the Oversight Committee, and we start to investigate this debacle, I’m willing to bet that the Biden administration, just like they did with Iran, is sending pallets of money over to the Taliban to secure the release of our hostages,” Reschenthaler said. “The Taliban is not doing any of this out of the kindness of their own heart.”

He also said he believes the Taliban is working with both al-Qaida and ISIS-K in Afghanistan, “and we are negotiating with terrorists.”

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