Rep. McCaul to Newsmax: COVID Was “Sinister Genetic Manipulation”

Rep. McCaul to Newsmax: COVID Was “Sinister Genetic Manipulation”

The COVID-19 virus was a result of “genetic manipulation” designed by deceptive scientists looking to create a “super SARS-like virus and then create a vaccine to capture that”, Texas Rep. Mike McCaul said on Newsmax earlier today.

McCaul, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member, earlier this week released a report on the lab in Wuhan, China and the suspected origins of the COVID-19 virus. Speaking on “Eric Bolling The Balance” Thursday afternoon, McCaul talked about the accuracy of the report. “I think it’s very indicative there were warnings coming from the Chinese, CDC and the Wuhan lab director back in September (2019). Then on September the 12th, they take their genetic sequencing from the Wuhan lab offline in an attempt to basically hide it. After that point in time, we have world military games. We have 9000 athletes come into Wuhan. Many return to their home countries infected with the Flu-like virus consistent with COVID. We think that was the first super spreader.”

McCaul noted in an earlier Newsmax interview that scientific evidence from September 2019 showed the pandemic had already started. He said, “Sept. 12 the entire genetic sequencing data that was at the lab was taken from online to offline in the middle of the night, and then they put millions into security.”

Bolling asked McCaul to explain the distinction between research/created in the lab and “gain of function.” The congressman explained, “Well, what they did, Dr. Shi and Peter Daszak, who took NIH (National Institute of Health) money, your taxpayer dollars, and then funded these operations to take samples from bats from a cave 1000 miles away where SARS originally took place. Bring them into the lab that engage in gain of function. As you mentioned this is genetic manipulation of the virus to make it more dangerous, more lethal, more infectious or contagious. This is by spicing six different viruses into one. Then I think they’re most sinister. Was they genetically modified it so the man-made fingerprints would be taken off and it would appear that it look natural.”

The host then asked if McCaul thought Dr. Anthony Fauci was complicit and covering up or lying about the Wuhan lab research. “He uses a different definition of gain of function. When we look at the papers that were published between Dr. Shi and Peter Daszak, they call it gain of function. So, I can’t imagine that the guy at NIH approving these grants would not know what’s happening at the lab that it was genetic manipulation. What they’re trying to do here is create a super SARS-like virus. And then create a vaccine to counter that. But their safety protocols were so substandard that we believe it actually leaked out of the lab.”

McCaul earlier this week called COVID “the worst cover-up in human history” following the release of a detailed report from congressional Republicans.

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