Rep. Mike Garcia to Newsmax: Gov. Newsom ‘Will be Removed’

Rep. Mike Garcia to Newsmax: Gov. Newsom ‘Will be Removed’

California Rep. Mike Garcia told Newsmax that Gov. Gavin Newsom “will be removed.” Garcia alludes that in light of an upcoming recall election in the state, Newsom would likely be removed via one of the candidates.

Appearing on “Cortes & Pellegrino,” Garcia highlights that “he will be removed. I don’t believe in fighting fights that we can’t win.”

“Everyone has been affected by these policies,” Garcia adds, “and is frankly fed up with us with his personality to boot. He’s vulnerable. He needs to go. We need good leadership, and we need to get the state back on the rails.”

On Wednesday, Newsom announced a statewide mandate requiring all teachers and school employees to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly testing.

“We think this is the right thing to do and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our schools open and to address the number one anxiety that parents like myself have — I have four young children — and that is knowing that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe, to keep our kids healthy, and that is what we’re doing here in the state of California,” Newsom said according to Times of San Diego.

Larry Elder, who is running for governor in the recall election, responded to Newsom’s announcement in a Twitter post.

“Encouraging vaccination is fine. Government mandating it is not,” Elder tweeted.

Other critics have come out against Newsom’s policies as well. Last week, the Orange County Board of Education announced it would be taking legal in challenging the requirement for all students to wear masks.

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