Rep. Pat Fallon to Newsmax: Biden Forcing ‘Tyranny Down the Throats’ of Military

Rep. Pat Fallon to Newsmax: Biden Forcing ‘Tyranny Down the Throats’ of Military

Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, told Newsmax Wednesday that the administration of President Joe Biden wants to “force tyranny down the throats of our (military) service members” with his vaccine mandates.

“That is incredibly dangerous. And this is again, when you mix politics with medicine, you’re going to get bad politics. You’re going to get bad medicine,” Fallon said during “Greg Kelley Reports” Wednesday. “We’re going to diminish our combat power because Joe Biden is in his administration want to force tyranny down the throats of our service members. It’s beyond the pale.

Several hundred service members in all the branches have been separated from the service for not being vaccinated since the end of November, and the total number of unvaccinated could reach as high as 40,000, according to a Washington Post report earlier this month.

According to the article, that number represents around 3% of all military members.

A federal judge on Wednesday denied a request from Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt for an injunction to halt the vaccine mandate for members of that state’s National Guard, CNN reported.

In his opinion, Western District of Oklahoma Judge Stephen Friot said the Department of Defense regulations requiring members to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 “leave no doubt that the department’s vaccination protocols must, and do, apply as fully to the statutory reserve components (including the Guard) as to the active-duty forces.”

Fallon, who is an Air Force veteran, said that in the case of the Marines, losing 9,000 troops would negatively impact the branch’s ability to carry out its mission.

“The Marines only have an active force, and I think an active and reserve force, of under a quarter of a million, and you can’t lose 9,000 Marines,” he said. “That’s going to affect our combat projection. That is incredibly dangerous.”

Fallon said that part of the problem is that many top military leaders have not seen actual combat and seem to be more interested in reeducating troops regarding leftist policy than being a deterrent force to aid diplomacy.

“Military action is diplomacy by other means, and what we want our military to be is incredibly lethal and destructive when it needs to be, because that’s what we call deterrence,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the United States and our presence, you would see China running all over the place and a lot of other ‘tin pot dictators’ invading countries and stealing resources.”

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