Rep. Pat Fallon to Newsmax: Biden ‘Incredibly Naive’ on Afghan Pullout

Rep. Pat Fallon to Newsmax: Biden ‘Incredibly Naive’ on Afghan Pullout

The Biden administration is being “incredibly naive” in pulling troops out of Afghanistan, leaving the country right back in the shape it was in before U.S. forces entered, Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, tells Newsmax.

“The Taliban knows one thing: strength,” Fallon, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said Thursday on “Spicer & Co.”

“You can project power and strength. Then and only then will they come to the table,” he said. “But once you show weakness, they are like hyenas. They’re going to surround their government, and they’re going to attack.”

Fallon said the Taliban, whom the U.S. and Afghan governments have been fighting for the past 20 years, have not changed in that time, noting that they harbored the terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and still don’t want women in that country to learn to read and write.

“I fear that the Biden administration picked an arbitrary date,” he said, “and not certain conditions being met, and they’re acting incredibly naive.”

Biden has said the war will end on Aug. 31.

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2002, Biden said the United States would never walk away from Afghanistan. Fallon said Republicans are pushing back on Biden’s reversal, and trying to point out to Americans that “this is an incredibly dangerous policy.

“This regime murders women that are caught reading, that can conjugate verbs,” he said. “How dare they.”

“You want to talk about true Neanderthals? It’s not Texans coming back from reinstituting freedoms post-COVID,” Fallon said. “It’s this regime that murders women because they’re literate, and murders Americans because we dare to celebrate freedom and liberty.”

(Biden famously slammed the state of Texas earlier this year for what he considered a too-early rollback of COVID restrictions as “Neanderthal thinking.” Two months later, no new COVID deaths had been reported.)

Fallon says he doesn’t want to see the war in Afghanistan go on indefinitely, but added that if the United States leaves prematurely, “how many lives have been sacrificed, and how much material and money? It’s just … this is a tragic decision by Joe Biden.”

Further, he said, the pullout appears to give China more clout in the region as part of its Belt and Road initiative to build global trade routes and strengthen its economic position by the 100th anniversary of the communist People’s Republic of China’s founding in 2049.

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