Rep. Rosendale to Newsmax: Biden, Dems, Want ‘Womb-to-Tomb’ Control

Rep. Rosendale to Newsmax: Biden, Dems, Want ‘Womb-to-Tomb’ Control

President Joe Biden, while traveling to Michigan to tout his “Build Back Better” agenda, infrastructure, and the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, didn’t mention how the Democrats’ spending is a ploy to have “womb-to-tomb government control of all of our lives,” Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Montana, said on Newsmax Wednesday.

“He doesn’t say anything about the climate change provisions that are in there,” Rosendale said on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “He doesn’t say anything about the federalization of elections that … this legislation is trying to put forth.”

In addition, Biden didn’t mention the “roughly $2 trillion in tax increases” that will hit Americans hard, said Rosendale. 

Already, the “artificial stimulus” that has been pumped into the United States’ economy has caused inflation, and the Biden administration “wants to continue to exasperate that problem,” the congressman continued. 

Biden, during his remarks Tuesday in Michigan, said the United States is risking the loss of its “edge as a nation” because of the problems with its infrastructure, but Rosendale pointed out that before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the nation’s economy was strong. 

“Biden is trying to do nothing more than [use] additional scare tactics to get people convinced that they have to take this artificial stimulus and pump it into the economy because it is the only way out,” said Rosendale. “What we saw leading up to the pandemic was the innovation, technology, and work ethic of the people across the United States of America, lifting our country up above every country in the world.”

However, the United States is stepping backward because of Biden’s policies, said Rosendale.

“He shut down domestic energy production,” the congressman said. “He has supported foreign domestic energy production but at the exact same time, he’s trying to convert us with subsidies to renewable energy and this Green New Deal.”

Meanwhile, Biden is trying to raise taxes nationwide while Americans are experiencing “terrible, terrible inflation,” said Rosendale. “They’re sending more money out in both directions, and it’s just very poor planning.”

Rosendale also called it “very disappointing” that Democrats are pushing for a change in the filibuster rules in order to raise the debt ceiling. 

“I’m a freshman here, but over the last nine months leading into 10 months, what I’ve seen is the consolidation of power in the hands of a very few, and that is the biggest problem that we face in Congress,” said Rosendale. “That’s why the Democrats haven’t been able to get anything done whatsoever … what we see is a party that’s trying to use scare tactics and strong-arming to have again this womb-to-tomb government takeover of our lives.”

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