Rep. Steil to Newsmax: Despite Definition, Most Americans ‘Feeling’ Recession

Rep. Steil to Newsmax: Despite Definition, Most Americans ‘Feeling’ Recession

Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wisc., told Newsmax Monday that despite the academic or economic definition, most Americans today are “feeling” the country is in a recession.

“Let the PhD economists figure out what the technical definition is,” Steil said during “Prime News” Monday. “But I can tell you every American feels like we’re in a recession right now, because they can’t afford the things they need to be able to support their families, and we still have far too many Americans sitting on the sidelines rather than getting back to work, and it’s because of the reckless policies [President Joe] Biden’s administration pushed through under one party Democratic control.”

Steil said Democrats in Congress, including those on his House Financial Services Committee, don’t want to discuss the impacts of their spending through the COVID-19 pandemic and other items and they are looking to spend even more now.

“Americans are getting clobbered in the pocketbook every day. They’re getting clobbered at the pump, they’re getting clobbered in the grocery store and the Democrats don’t want to talk about it,” he said. “In fact, the Democrats are putting forward policies and they’re going to make it worse. At the Financial Services Committee hearing, the Democrats are putting forward plans to spend more money recklessly, making the inflationary environment that’s clobbering families worse.”

Steil said that the country needs to elect Republicans in the midterm election to get the country back on the right track and get the “reckless” spending under control.

 “[Republicans] want to get our country back on track,” he said. “We want to get our costs under control, and we do that by getting the reckless spending out of the way in Washington, and get our spending here in Washington under control.”

He said the many crises hitting the country are the reasons why poll numbers are dropping for Democrats and Biden, but that swapping him out for a different candidate in 2024 will not fix the bigger problem, which are their policies.

“You know, it’s bad when the legacy media is actually admitting what the problem is here in America, and it’s rising crime, it is that parents don’t have a say in their children’s education, its crushing inflation, and so I don’t know that changing the person running on the Democratic side does a lot for the Democrats,” he said. “We continue to see the far-left Progressive push for these terrible policies that put us into this position in the first place. And so, it’s Biden today, but I don’t know that anybody that’s going to step up on the left that is going to bring forward ideas that solve the problems.” 


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