Rep. Van Drew to Newsmax: Administration Either Inept or ‘Purposely Hurting’ US

Rep. Van Drew to Newsmax: Administration Either Inept or ‘Purposely Hurting’ US

The Biden administration and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas either don’t understand what they are doing where the border is concerned or “they’re purposely hurting the United States of America,” Rep. Jeff Van Drew said on Newsmax Saturday. 

“There’s nothing in between here,” said the New Jersey Republican on Newsmax’s “America Right Now.”

“We obviously before in the previous administration had a system that works. We had an agreement with the Northern Triangle. We were building a wall. We had an agreement with Mexico and things were going relatively well.”

But as soon as President Joe Biden was sworn in, he stopped the border wall construction and “blasted everything wide open,” resulting in thousands of people from all over the world trying to cross.

 “This is not an immigration policy,” Van Drew said. “This is insanity. I [am] really to the point that I think this is definitely treasonous.”

He noted that the most recent crisis, when approximately 15,000 Haitians gathered at the border in Del Rio, Texas, marked yet another group trying to enter the county. 

“I feel badly for these people,” said Van Dyne. “We all do. But we can’t absorb everybody at once and we certainly can’t absorb them illegally. They’re sick. They’re tired. They’re diseased.”

The influx of immigrants is also causing the amount of fentanyl coming into the United States to climb higher, noted Van Dyne. 

He also slammed Mayorkas for not answering questions when he is asked about the situation at the border. 

“I’ve dealt with people who have had cabinet member positions who are a little tricky or a little bit difficult to deal with,” said Van Dyne. “He just stands there calmly and claims nothing wrong.”

Further, no specifics are being given about whether the immigrants are being checked for COVID, he said. 

“We’re making our two-year-old children wear masks but we’re not checking Immigrants from Haiti, many of whom were sick with COVID and we don’t care,” said Van Dyne. “We just let them into the country. It’s anti-American and it is hurting and destroying our country.”

The lawmaker said that he’s “not a conspiracy guy,” but he thinks the situation will get worse, and he believes “there must be some reason for doing this.”

He also slammed Mayorkas and Vice President Kamala Harris for their claims that the root cause of the crisis is based in the immigrants’ home countries and saying the issues there must be fixed before immigration is fixed in the United States. 

“Of course it’s always been very poor countries,” he said. “People that have nothing realize the greatness of the United States and want to get here.”

But at the same time, the Biden side “really believes they’re going to go to Haiti within a few months and they’re going to make everything good…it’s seriously arrogant to say that that you’re going to make everything better, and it’s all going to be good. We couldn’t get Haiti on the right track with all the billions of dollars of money that went into it. We can’t take care of every single problem in the world.”

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