Rep. Van Duyne to Newsmax: Whom Is Biden Serving With His Policies?

Rep. Van Duyne to Newsmax: Whom Is Biden Serving With His Policies?

Whistleblower testimony that shows corruption surrounding President Joe Biden goes back almost a decade, along with other information coming, shows why House Republicans have a duty to start impeachment proceedings against him, as there are many questions about whom he is serving with his actions, Rep. Beth Van Duyne said on Newsmax

“We’re on the floor, and we’re looking at these policies that are coming out of this administration. And we shake our heads, and we’re just wondering who’s in charge and who was being served,” the Texas Republican told Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, the guest host for Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” Friday night. 

Biden, she added, is “demonizing American businesses [and] our energy industry,” while benefiting China. 

“We see what he’s doing [by] not holding their feet to the fire because of COVID,” Van Duyne said. “We have a spy balloon, and he doesn’t even shoot it down before it goes over our military bases. And you have to ask yourself: At the end of the day, who does Biden report to and is he compromised? Because if you look at his policies, everything would say ‘yes.'”

Further, when one looks at Hunter Biden and his father’s claiming to not have done business with him, that raises even more questions, she said. 

Biden had denied talking about business with his son. But Devon Archer, Hunter’s former business partner, testified that then-vice president was on at least 20 different calls when his son was talking business, the congresswoman added. 

“You start following the money,” Van Duyne said. “Where’s that money going? It would seem it’s just the money that’s coming into Hunter’s account immediately goes into Joe’s account, or they’re sharing account money that is being paid for bills for Joe … so it’s all one and the same. Ten different family members, 20 different shell companies, and almost $50 million that’s coming from places like China.”

And now, with the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump, “it’s as if they want to criminalize thought, and that’s the precedent that they want to set,” she said. 

She added that the claims being made against Trump are “a distraction technique.”

“It’s a shiny object they are using, and they are abusing Trump right now because they know that’s what the media is going to follow,” Van Duyne added. “Every single time we’ve gotten closer to finding more information out … they have all of a sudden had accusations on Trump.”


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