Rep. Wenstrup to Newsmax: Assessment of COVID-19 Origin ‘Inconclusive’

Rep. Wenstrup to Newsmax: Assessment of COVID-19 Origin ‘Inconclusive’

The origins of COVID-19 need to continue to be investigated, despite the intelligence community releasing an updated report on the virus’ origins that stated that it was not developed as a bioweapon, Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, told Newsmax Thursday.

The intelligence community’s updated assessment was “very inconclusive in my mind, or incomplete,” Wenstrup told “Prime News.” “One of their final assessments was, they said they were in broad agreement that COVID was not developed as a bioweapon.”

Wenstrup continued, “That can be an opinion. One of the things that they left out, which normally you see in an intelligence report of some type, is their level of confidence in that assessment. For that particular assessment, they did not give a level of confidence as they did for the others, such as whether it came from the wet market, etc.”

Another question Wenstrup raised is who specifically is making the assessment that COVID-19 did not originate as a bioweapon.

“For all we know, they talked to three dentists about this,” Wenstrup said. “We just don’t know. And we’ve asked that question and we get no answer, and we want to know, ‘On what basis did you all come to this broad agreement?'”

There are also some obvious facts that seemingly were ignored in the assessment, such as China having its Academy of Military Medical Sciences, whose Fifth Institute is associated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology as far as the science and the research, Wenstrup stated, adding that our own State Department said in 2005 that China is researching and working on offensive bioweapons.

In addition, Wenstrup said that in 2015, the academy came out with a book questioning the natural beginnings of the original SARS virus, and the title of the book included human viruses as a genetic weapon. The academy said that same year that scientists were working on gain of function research, which makes a virus more infectious. Dr. Anthony Fauci said in 2014 that he supported this research.

Wenstrup said that he believes that Faucis theory was that, “if we can make a virus super infectious and creative vaccine, maybe there’s nothing we can’t stop, if it were to arise in nature.

“I don’t know; he needs to answer those questions,” Wenstrup stated.


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