Reporters Dare Ask Biden Virus Origin Questions—He Throws up His Hands, Storms Away – RedState

Reporters Dare Ask Biden Virus Origin Questions—He Throws up His Hands, Storms Away – RedState

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It’s almost the weekend, so President Joe Biden is off on yet another vacation to his Wilmington, Delaware, home. Of course, he didn’t leave before obnoxiously dissing reporters who dared ask him questions.

The weird thing about the exchange is that it was POTUS himself who seemed to invite interaction as he walked over to reporters on the White House lawn, seemingly interested in having a chat. But almost as soon as they opened their mouths, he threw up his arms in exasperation and marched off toward Marine One.

Perhaps it’s because he heard the words “will you hold China accountable?”


It’s unclear what triggered Biden, seeing as that if you’re the president of the United States and you walk up to journalists, they are 100 percent likely to fire off some queries. That is, after all, their job.

The reporter who asked “will you hold China accountable?” is presumably referring to a report by the Department of Energy which concluded that COVID escaped from a Chinese lab. Not long after that report landed, FBI Director Chris Wray admitted that his agency had come to the same conclusion “quite some time” ago.

That doesn’t mean there’s consensus within the administration; however; there are 18 agencies and organizations that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the CIA and others have not backed the lab-origin theory.

Still, if you were a White House reporter, wouldn’t that be one of the questions you’d ask? Seems reasonable to me.

It wasn’t Biden’s only snub of the press for the day. Earlier, he had met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the White House, and afterward smiled like the Chesire Cat for almost a full minute, smugly refusing to answer a single question:

I’ve never understood how so many people think Biden is some friendly, loveable guy—your favorite uncle. I’ve always found him to be mean, vindictive, angry, and petty. Also, despite claiming he would run a transparent administration, it’s clear he feels above accountability to the press or the public because he has given far fewer news conferences than his modern-day predecessors. (The only exception was Ronald Reagan, whose schedule was limited during his recovery from John Hinckley’s assassination attempt.)

Biden’s pompous, self-congratulatory attitude as he basically tells the press—and the public—to shove it week after week is yet another sign that he thinks he’s above it all.

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