Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: Biden Is Only Reordering Vaccines

Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: Biden Is Only Reordering Vaccines

President Joe Biden’s actions when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine are “akin to going into the presidential Amazon Prime account and pressing reorder,” former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell said on Newsmax TV Saturday. 

“All the heavy lifting was done by President Trump and his team,” Grenell said on Newsmax TV’s “The Count.” “We all know that they found the vaccine. They shepherded it through. I was in the Oval Office on multiple occasions where we had to interrupt an intel briefing because there was an urgent call from a CEO or somebody involved in Operation Warp Speed, and President Trump wanted to keep it on track  So every meeting, he would stop and he would take all of the calls to keep it moving.”

Biden’s comments on the expansion of the three COVID-19 vaccinations have not mentioned Trump and Operation Warp Speed’s contributions to its release and approval for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration. The Moderna and Pfizer two-shot vaccines were approved on that basis while Trump was still in office, but the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine approval came in late February after Biden became president. 

Trump this past week issued a statement saying he hopes everyone “remembers” him and where the vaccines fighting the virus came from.

“I guess what we can do is compliment President Biden for understanding that we just need to keep the process going, and the states need to keep getting the vaccine,” said Grenell. “But they didn’t do anything on finding the vaccine. They didn’t do anything to work through the bureaucracy. They didn’t do anything other than continue what President Trump had set up, so let’s applaud President Biden. We’re keeping going, what President Trump set up, so reordering. You know, great, great accomplishment, right?”

Grenell also commented on the state of affairs in his home state of California, where a petition seeking a recall election on Gov. Gavin Newsom is growing, and said that under Democrat control the state’s fortunes are continuing to decline. 

“You know, I would say about nine or 10 years ago, many Republicans in California, after being wiped out, weren’t winning any statewide elections,” he said. “Identity politics was rampant in the state. About nine or 10 years ago, Republicans got together and they said, you know what? Let’s let the Democrats implement some of these crazy ideas. Let’s let them run us off the cliff. Let’s stop.”

The COVID-19 pandemic sped that process up, he said, with churches and businesses shut down and in-school learning on hold. 

“And now we have a governor who just literally mismanages not only the COVID response but we have rolling blackouts,” said Grenell. “We’re telling people to not water their lawns because we don’t have enough water yet. We live on an ocean in California. I mean, I could just go on and on about these far-left policies.”

Another problem is the blocking of liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals, said Grenell. 

“The entire West Coast is allowing an LNG terminal, which means we can’t go and supply China, which becomes this national security crisis,” he said. He added that there are about four or five days left to get signatures for Newsom’s recall effort, and Californians can visit RecallGavin2020.com and sign the petition virtually.

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