Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance Compared To Pornography In FCC Complaints About Broadcast

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance Compared To Pornography In FCC Complaints About Broadcast

Rihanna’s half-time performance at Super Bowl LVII has been compared to pornography and more in over 100 FCC complaints about the broadcast on February 12 in Arizona.

The 35-year-old singer’s Super Bowl performance was labeled “indecent” and “pornographic” in the dozens of complaints to the Federal Communications Commission that were reviewed by TMZ, the outlet reported on Thursday.

“This year the halftime show was so indecent I had to turn off the TV because of the pornographic content,” one person from Utah explained.

A California resident wrote in their complaint that the show was “pornography” and compared the singer’s show to the “Satanic” performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards by Sam Smith and Kim Petras.

“I don’t care what someone worships but children shouldn’t be exposed to pornography and as an adult I don’t wish to see it … ” the complaint stated. “Where has decency gone? How about respect for others and self?”

In other complaints, the “Umbrella” hitmakers and her backup dancers were blasted for “overtly sexual dancing,” with movements that “were patently offensive and completely inappropriate for children.”

One person from Florida said that Rihanna “spread her a** cheek at the crack. She rubbed her pants where her l**** were three times.”

On social media, many slammed the singer’s sexualized choreography, The New York Post noted.


One person wrote, “So is it me or did Rihanna just grab her junk and then smell it and taste it? Way to stay classy!”

While another person tweeted, “Apparently I’m the only person [on] Twitter who thinks Rihanna’s halftime show was terrible. Why is she touching her crotch in a show kids are watching? And why are her backup dancers dressed like hazmat COVID freaks that do those gross brain swab tests?”

The Barbadian singer also faced backlash for apparently lip-syncing during her Super Bowl show earlier this month.

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