Sarah Palin to Newsmax: Remember That ‘Rejection Is Protection’

Sarah Palin to Newsmax: Remember That ‘Rejection Is Protection’

Former Alaska governor and one-time vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin offered a New Year’s Eve message of hope to Newsmax after a loss in her races in 2022 to represent her state in the U.S. House, commenting that “rejection is protection,” as it means there are other things in store for the future. 

“Personally, I want people to remember that when you go through hard times, when you go through challenges, and you feel like you’ve lost, you feel like you’ve been rejected, well remember rejection is protection,” Palin said during the “Newsmax New Year’s Eve with Shaun Kraisman” Saturday night.

“God has things in store for you. And if you don’t succeed at something in the here and now, say in an election, in a race, in a relationship, say things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to turn out and you feel rejected, well, it’s protection … there’s better things up around the corner when you put your life and your faith in God’s hands,” she added.

Meanwhile, politically, Palin said that she hopes that people remember that the U.S. government has tried to “push, push, push” to “take control of the people,” particularly with rules on the COVID-19 pandemic, but people have said “enough is enough” and will not take it anymore.

“There’s a lot of hope on the political front where enough of us stand united and have decided government is going to get off our back, get back on the outside and we’re going to be the independent, hardworking strong pro-work-ethic Americans that we have always been,” said Palin. “We will be able to manifest that after having told our government to back off.”


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