Svitlana Zalischuk to Newsmax: Russian Energy Embargo ‘Red Button to Stop This War’

Svitlana Zalischuk to Newsmax: Russian Energy Embargo ‘Red Button to Stop This War’

A complete Russian energy embargo by the United States and other western nations is “a red button to stop this war,” former Ukrainian Parliament Member Svitlana Zalischuk told Newsmax on Wednesday.

“We need to stop this war,” Zalischuk told “Spicer& Co.” “There is a red button to stop this war, and we believe that [an] embargo on Russian oil and gas will be the strongest incentive for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to back down, and to be more negotiable when it comes to the finishing of this war.”

While Germany says it will cost them $240 billion to stop using Russian gas and oil for the next two years, Zalischuk reminded everyone that “human lives are being lost in Ukraine” and the money generated from sales of Russian energy has “nourished the dictatorship in Russia.”

“Let’s start to discuss this point from a perspective that actually energy policy has to be part of the responsible geopolitics, and unfortunately, it was not,” she said. “And I can tell you this as a former parliamentarian, that it is irresponsible energy policy [that] nourished the dictatorship in Russia. It helped Putin to build up its gas and oil revenues, which actually went further, went to finance its military machine, military warfare.”

Germany needs to admit it was wrong to shut down its nuclear power industry and support the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline between it and Russia, making it more dependent on Russian energy, Zalischuk continued.

“My question is rhetorical: If Germany really wants to stop this war and wants to stop the suffering of tortured women and children, [the Russians who] killed hundreds of people in the south – I’m sorry, actually dozens of thousands of people in Ukraine – this is time to act responsibly,” she said.

The economic impact of a complete Russian energy embargo on Germany would only translate to about 0.3% to 3% of its gross domestic production, which is less of a loss than the country experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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