Texas Gov. Abbott: Biden Administration ‘Out of Touch’ on Border

Texas Gov. Abbott: Biden Administration ‘Out of Touch’ on Border

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said this week that the White House has no intention of rethinking its approach to how it treats unaccompanied child migrants, and that’s a problem, Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday. 

“It shows they are out of touch about what is going on,” the Republican governor said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “The reason they are out of touch is they haven’t bothered to go to the border and see what is going on.”

The current situation is the “largest border crisis we have had in decades,” but neither President Joe Biden, or his ‘border czar,’ Vice President Kamala Harris, or anyone else other than Health and Human Services Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been to the border,” Abbott added. 

Psaki, during her Thursday press conference, said the administration has been clear while conveying the message that “our border is not open, that it is a treacherous journey,” but still, it doesn’t have “any intention to rethink our approach to treating kids humanely and ensuring that they are safe when they cross the border.”

“The American people should realize this is not by accident,” Abbott said. “All of the (Democrat) presidential candidates ran on the policy of open border policies and welcoming anybody and giving them anything for free.”

However, he said that there are Democrats from Texas in the U.S. and state legislatures, as well as Democrats who are local officials that are complaining as much as he is about the border crisis. 

“Many of these kids don’t even make the trek alive,” said Abbott. “Many others are victims of sexual assault and other crimes perpetrated by the cartels bringing them here.”

The young migrants are facing difficult conditions as well in the centers set up by Biden’s administration, including investigations Texas Rangers have underway right now about sexual assault at one facility, the governor said.

“All of the detention centers in Texas that I have information from shows a COVID positivity rate among minors at well about 10%, which leads to the potential spread of COVID among the migrants and the people who are working with them in these centers,” said Abbott. 

Biden’s administration is to blame for the situation, because the president removed the policies left behind by former President Donald Trump, the governor continued, and there is a danger that people working in the detention centers could take COVID out into the community. 

“There is no operational organization to make sure things like this are not happening and intensive conditions not just in these centers but all the multiple cities and migrant centers continuing to expand,” said Abbott. “We get information about another location that may open up in Texas really soon to accommodate the influx of children coming across the border.”

He also accused the Biden administration of not making securing the border a top priority. 

“Securing the safety of Americans should be a top priority of the president of the United States,” said Abbott. “If you look at prior presidents, George Bush, whether it was Barack Obama or Donald Trump, they were aggressive in dealing with the situation whereas the Biden administration is a wall. Let me tell you Democrats in Texas are very angry about the Biden administration. It is losing support from people on both sought of the aisle.”  

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