Texas Gov. Abbott to Newsmax: Biden WH Still Ignoring Border ‘Invasion’

Texas Gov. Abbott to Newsmax: Biden WH Still Ignoring Border ‘Invasion’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t surprised the media and Biden White House would rather ignite a war of words regarding the “language” used to describe the U.S.-Mexico border crisis — expressing outrage over Abbott characterizing the millions of migrants entering the country illegally as an “invasion” — instead of confronting the real problems associated with cartel violence and human and drug trafficking.

“It’s a head-in-the-sand approach, both by the media as well as the Biden administration. Neither the [Biden White House] nor media want to get anything done about the open-border policy that has been unleashed by this administration,” the Republican governor told Newsmax Friday evening on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

Just 2 1/2 years ago, U.S. data reported the lowest number of illegal border crossings in “decades,” and Abbott attributed that feat to Trump-era policies such as “Remain in Mexico,” catch-and-release, building the border wall, and fortifying Title 42 — a health order that prevented asylum-seekers from crossing the southern border due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All that [President Joe] Biden had to do was continue those efforts” from the previous administration, said Abbott. “Instead, he decided to eliminate” former President Donald Trump’s programs; and that “led to the highest number of illegal border crossings ever, and Texas is having to deal with the consequences of that.”

Since Biden took over the White House in January 2021, Border Patrol officials have encountered more than 5 million illegal crossings at the southern border. Also, the number of fentanyl-related deaths in America have exploded, giving rise to the power of the cartels pouring in fentanyl products into the country, sometimes virtually unchecked.

However, Abbott noted, there are ways to improve the border situation, even if the Biden administration has yet to act in a consistent manner.

The governor touted the positive gains made by the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety, after both agencies were deployed to the border.

“The Texas National Guard turns back people that are trying to cross the border,” said Abbott. He also stated that a recent problem entry point in El Paso, Texas, has effectively been handled.

“We took control of the operational area in El Paso” that recently showed a stream of people coming across the border, said Abbott. Texas officials added wires, barriers, and more personnel to that trouble spot, and “suddenly, people coming across [at that point] has stopped.”

Of course, Abbott said, the Biden administration chose that area for the president’s photo-op visit last week.

Biden “saw a sanitized version of El Paso,” said Abbott. “He went to a migrant center and didn’t even get to speak with any migrants. How absurd is that?”

Abbott said the progress in El Paso could take place in other border areas if the Biden White House really wanted to help the cause.

“The [border] problem will continue to exist as long as the federal government has an open-border policy,” said Abbott.


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