Thanks, but No Thanks—New Poll Shows Americans Not Interested in New COVID Vaccines – RedState

Thanks, but No Thanks—New Poll Shows Americans Not Interested in New COVID Vaccines – RedState

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that most American adults overwhelmingly have zero plans to get the new upcoming COVID vaccines which are being heavily plugged by the Biden administration.

Less than a quarter of those surveyed have “subject myself to another jab” on their calendars: 

Among U.S. adults, 52% say they will “probably” or “definitely” not get the new COVID-19 vaccine, according to the latest KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor poll.

Conversely, 23% of adults “definitely” plan to get the vaccine — while another 23% will “probably” get it.

The country has become so polarized under President Joe Biden that even medicine has been politicized, with Democrats continuing to show much more faith in the mRNA technology than do Republicans:

Among the people who said they “definitely” or “probably” will get the new shot, most are Democrats and/or at least 65 years old, the poll found.

Seventy percent of Democrats plan to get the new vaccine.

That’s compared to just 24% of Republicans.

Although both Biden and Fauci promised us that the original vaccines would protect us from the coronavirus, the reality is that the shots turned out not to stop transmission


From the official White House transcript of a town hall in July 2021 (bolding mine):

…unvaccinated people — the vi- — the various shots that people are getting now cover that.  They’re — you’re okay.  You’re not going to — you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.

Of course, that statement turned out to be spectacularly inaccurate.

The survey was conducted between Sept. 6 and Sept. 13 and polled 1,296 U.S. adults by internet and telephone. The San Francisco-based KFF, which describes itself as an “independent source for health policy research, polling and journalism,” concluded that many with conservative leanings simply don’t trust the political and medical establishment anymore after the debacle that was the nation’s COVID response:

“The poll shows that most of the nation still trusts the CDC and the FDA on vaccines — but there is a partisan gap, and most Republicans don’t trust the nation’s regulatory and scientific agencies responsible for vaccine approval and guidance,” KFF’s president and CEO, Drew Altman, said in a press release.

The poll also found that the partisan divide goes further than just vaccinations. Many Republicans find masks to be silly virtue-signaling theater rather than effective medical devices:

Among Democrats, 58% are likely to take extra precautions — including wearing masks, forgoing travel and avoiding public gatherings — amid rising COVID cases. 

But just 16% of Republicans said they would be likely to do the same.

Studies show that those leery Republicans are correct in their assessment:

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Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel still recommends the vaccines and boosters in certain cases, but even he has to admit that political considerations are all too often involved in what should be purely medical discussions: 

“The problem is that too many decisions about the new COVID vaccine are driven by politics and fear rather than by an understanding of either viruses or vaccines,” he told Fox News Digital.

Two things are clear from this poll: 1) There is vaccine fatigue among a majority of Americans, even Democrats, and 2) the political divide over how to respond to the virus still exists, and may even be wider than previously. Should COVID cases rise dramatically, expect furious ideological battles to erupt between Democrats and Republicans.

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