The American Stasi Controls What You Hear And See To Control What You Think And Do

The American Stasi Controls What You Hear And See To Control What You Think And Do

It’s tempting to look at Big Tech, corporate media, and federal agencies as distinct industries and entities with their own goals and organizational structures, but that’s not the right way to analyze them in 2024. In reality, they are just different systems within the same organism, similar to how eyes, ears, and legs are all part of a human body. They have different roles and functions, but all are subordinate to the same overarching goal: total power.

In 2024, these entities all function as part of a single system: the American Stasi. Recall that the Stasi was the oppressive spying and law enforcement regime deployed by the Soviet Union against the people of East Germany. The American regime today is every bit as corrupt and deceitful as the Soviet Stasi was during the Cold War. Big Tech and the federal surveillance system work hand in glove to manipulate what you see, hear, and think. The surveillance state spies on you constantly if you engage in activities it detests: going to church or speaking out at a school board meeting, for example. It develops and deploys complex technologies used to manipulate your perception of reality.

Big Tech is the deployment mechanism for much of this technology. Social media networks use government-funded technology to censor the news you read. Search engines use these technologies to prevent you from ever seeing information that’s inconvenient to the regime. Step out of line, and the surveillance state will demand that Big Tech shut down your account or prevent you from earning any revenue from your journalism. I personally know this happens because the regime did it to me and to The Federalist in 2020 and beyond.

Corporate media is used by both the surveillance state and Big Tech to bombard you and overwhelm you with messages it wants you to hear. If the government needs you to hate another country to justify the government’s desire to go to war with it, corporate media will gladly comply with story after story demanding war and slurring anyone who dissents as a domestic terrorist. The government will often spy on these dissenters and leak details of their private lives to corporate media to embarrass them, or they may even deliberately spread vicious lies about someone, knowing corporate media will happily broadcast them. Truth is no obstacle to the American Stasi.

If the government needs a war to replenish the coffers of its military-industrial complex backers and to justify the continued existence of its obscene security and surveillance services, it will use every appendage in the American Stasi to get its way. Corporate media will vilify the target foreign nation and any domestic dissenters. The FBI and its cronies will spy on, smear, and terrorize dissenters as national security threats. Defense research agencies will distribute technologies to their Big Tech friends, which will be used to throttle and deplatform citizens who object to the government’s actions.

And Big Tech will happily censor anyone the regime targets and then pat themselves on the back for being on the “right side of history.” At no point does the American Stasi engage in self-reflection and wonder if maybe it is the real villain. They all work in concert with each other in a constant feedback loop, effortlessly reinforcing each other in a manner requiring little overt direction.

Like with a human body, the eyes and ears and arms and legs don’t need step-by-step instructions for every menial task. They all know what’s required of them, or else they wouldn’t be part of the system. None of this is speculative, by the way. It’s all too real, and each one of you has witnessed multiple American Stasi operations rolled out over the last decade. Once you recognize what they’re doing and how the playbook never really changes, it’s difficult to unsee.

Russiagate? 100% American Stasi op from beginning to end. Ukraine impeachment? American Stasi op to defend its money-laundering playground in Ukraine, protect Biden, and hurt Trump. It was a psyop trifecta. The Kavanaugh rape hoax? Obvious American Stasi op. Covid? Oh, you better believe it. They brought out all the big guns on that one: it gave them the opportunity to take out Trump and deploy a biomedical surveillance state.

Hunter Biden’s laptop? Yep. The FBI fed lies to corporate media, and those lies were then used as censorship fodder by Big Tech. J6? Obviously. And, of course, the Ukraine war. And these are just the ones I can list off the top of my head. I promise you there are far more because the American Stasi never stops trying to manipulate the American people into giving the regime more power.

Power is all the American regime cares about, and it won’t stop until you don’t have any left.

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